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Play of the Week5 Ways to Shoot Amazing Videos for the Play of the Week Contest
Every parent wants to catch that amazing goal, super save or great dribble of their child, but sometimes your cell phone’s video function doesn’t capture the same heart-pumping action you want to cherish and save. With the AYSO Play of the Week contest in full swing, catching that great play is even more important.
Get the Fall Registration Information You Need!
Families all around the country are signing up (or are getting ready to!) for another great fall season of AYSO Soccer. If you haven’t already heard from your local AYSO community soccer program or are unsure how to reach them, visit the Find an AYSO Program Near You page.
Play of the WeekYour AYSO Soccer Player Could be On TV!
Does your child and his team daydream of playing soccer in front of thousands of people? It doesn’t have to be just a daydream, it can happen now!
aAYSO National Games 2016 Lottery Bid Now Open!
This year, the Lottery Draw to determine which AYSO Regions will have teams in the National Games will take place on July 4, 2015, one year out from the kickoff of the Games.
coach manualsBest Coaching Experience for Your Child!
With help from a wide variety of experts in soccer coaching, the AYSO National Coaching Program manuals are powerful guides that make practices fun, safe and foster soccer skills development. They also help coaches be well prepared for the task of teaching your child.

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For everyone that was in the crowd for Summer's social media talk, here's the crowd shot!#AYSONAGM
About 9 minutes ago
RT @PVayso: Area 1f executive members at nagm in Phoenix. Making a difference for the kids. #aysonagm #pvayso @Region6SanPedro
About 8 hours ago
Hey #AYSONAGM! Tmw at 5:30 P.M, there'll be a VIP Showcase Game at Cashman Park, a short walk from resort. Stop by for great VIP action!
About 9 hours ago
If you're at #AYSONAGM and NOT at the party at Desert Kivas, you're missing out! Steak, chicken, shrimp & live music
About 13 hours ago
AYSO_Soccer @ maddieboz
@maddieboz @FOXSports1 @MeghannColeman you're a good sport, Maddie
About 13 hours ago
Alex Morgan for AYSO, by FOX Sports Samantha Clayton and Fit From The Sidelines 
Julie Foudy at the NAGM
The Start of Something Special

Visit AYSO's YouTube Channel for more videos 

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