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5 Apps to Make Your Life Easier

With the fall AYSO soccer season, school and many other activities just starting up, your schedule is sure to be filling up. Check out these five mobile apps that are sure to make your life a bit easier: 

1. ArtKive: Do you want to keep your child’s PLAYSOCCER Coloring Contest entries and other artwork forever, but don’t want the stacks of paper everywhere? Try out ArtKive! This app allows you to upload all of your child’s masterpieces to a secure server. You can share the art with friends and family, organize it and even convert it into keepsakes and gifts!

2. Out Of Milk: Is there always one item you forget when you’re shopping? How about you finally get the chance to go shopping after a long week, but you left your shopping list at the office? With Out of Milk, your shopping list stays with you everywhere you go and you'll have it when you make it the store. This way you’ll never leave the store without your family’s favorites such as DOLE Fruitocracy or Nesquik chocolate milk.

3. Who Has the Kids?This app helps families manage their children's busy schedules. It includes coordinating school, activities, nannies, carpools, pickups and drop-offs all in one convenient place. 

4. Kid Bank: Does your child always want a new soccer accessory or cleats claiming that it will come out of their allowance? Kid Bank makes it easy to track and teach your child financial responsibility. This app provides spending history, shares information across Android and iOS devices, allows editing of transactions and much more. It’s never too early to get your child financially knowledgeable!  

5. Mama Bear: This all-in one app tracks your kids so you know when they’re tagged on social media, when they send or receive a text message or even when they're in a speeding car. 

Send us an email if you have any questions about these apps.

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