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Which U.S. Soccer Star do you Model Your Soccer Style After?

Whether it’s Brad Guzan’s impressive shot stopping, Landon Donovan’s speed or Alex Morgan’s knack for scoring great goals, many young soccer players may be surprised to know that they have a U.S. Soccer star that has a similar playing style to their own. 

Answer the following questions to find out which US Soccer star you play like. Have fun! 


1.) Are you a guy or gal? 
a. Guy(1 point)
b. Gal (1 points)

2.) Which of these skills do you practice the most?  
a. A powerful shot (4 points)
b. Accurate passing (2 points) 
c. Stopping every play that comes your way (6 points) 

3.) What’s your playing style? 
a. Take a lot of risks (4 points)
b. Tough and aggressive (6 points)
c. Calm and composed (2 points)

4.) What music do you listen to pump up before your AYSO games?
a. Rap (6 points)
b. Reggae (2 points) 
c. Pop (4 points)

5.) What’s your favorite drill during an AYSO practice?
a. Super intense attacking and defending drills (6 points)
b. High energy shooting drills (4 points)
c. Working on technique of passing and dribbling (2 points)
POINT TOTAL______________________________________

Answer Key 

22+ points: You have the playing style of Landon Donovan and Abby Wambach

16-21 points:
You have the playing style of Michael Bradley and Alex Morgan

9-15 points: You have the playing style of Kyle Beckerman or Christen Press

The Most Intense Player On the Field: Landon Donovan and Abby Wambach (22+ points)

What can we say? You're pretty intense out there on the field! Your strength, intensity and aggressiveness on and off the ball makes it difficult for opponents to stack up against you. You love giving other players the challenge of a lifetime.

The Engine: Michael Bradley and Alex Morgan (16-21 points)

You are the engine of the team. You are constantly on the move, never stopping for more than a few seconds to catch your breath. You cover the field and work hard for your team. 

The Visionary: Kyle Beckerman or Christen Press (9-15 points) 

You are calm and focused on the field which is an amazing advantage against opponents. You can see passing and scoring opportunities that no one else can and you’re always thinking about your next move. Your intuitive map of the field serves you well in high-pressure situations. 



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