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Photo with a coach raising his arms with a clipboard in one handWhat Do We Offer?
AYSO Soccer Camps runs full-day (6 hours), half-day (3 hours), or mini-camps (1.5 hours) for children ages 4 - 16 years old. We also have Advanced Training Camps, specialized three-hour clinics held on the Saturday after the camp, and team camps. We can also provide team trainers for the fall season on a limited basis.

What Do We Require?
All we really need is a field and a local point of contact. We help with the promotional material by sending out email blasts, registration brochures and online promotions. However, it does help to have local coordinators that know the best places to distribute flyers and posters, which we provide. In addition, WE DO NOT REQUIRE A DEPOSIT.

What Will You Receive In Return?
For hosting a camp, we will donate 5 percent of the proceeds back to your Region. Over the last 10 years, we have donated more than a million dollars to AYSO Regions!

How Do You Sign Up?
Visit the Contact Us section and find your local Regional Director. They will help you sign up by discussing the available dates, locations, and prices, that would be best for your group.

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