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Everything You Need To Know About AYSO

  • Who do I call?
  • When do the players get called?
  • It's after August 1 and my child has not been called. What do I do?
  • How often are practices and games?
  • My child withdrew. How do I get a refund?
  • How do I register my child?
  • When is the AYSO soccer season?
  • What's a Region?
  • What equipment is needed?
  • How much does it cost to sign up?
  • What if my child drops out and I would like to request a refund?
  • Who will coach my child's team?
  • Who runs my AYSO Region?
  • What am I expected to do as an AYSO parent?
  • How do I become an AYSO volunteer?
  • How does AYSO protect its athletes?
  • How do you play soccer?
  • What are basic soccer skills?
  • What are the soccer positions?
  • What are the rules (Laws of the Game)?
  • What is offside?
  • Who are the officials?
  • How is the field set up?
  • What are fouls?
  • Does AYSO have programs for children with special needs?
  • What is Good Sportsmanship?
  • How did AYSO begin?
  • How is AYSO organized?
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