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11 Simple Conference Call Tips

Many Area Directors oversee large geographical areas that make having regular in-person meetings with RCs, board members, etc., nearly impossible. In these situations, hosting weekly/monthly conference calls are best. Here are 11 simple tips that will make your conference calls easy, constructive and efficient.

Read AYSO's 11 simple conference call tips:
  1. Quiet please! Try to eliminate all background noises - go into a private room, and refrain from chewing food, shuffling papers, etc.

  2. Designate a leader. This person is the call manager, whose job it is to determine who has the floor so there aren't a lot of people speaking at once.

  3. Be punctual. If you're the moderater/call manager, be sure to call in a couple minutes early so that you're the first one on the line to greet others as they arrive.

  4. Do a roll call. Make sure that everyone that is supposed to be on the call is present by having callers take turns stating their name and what they represent. Ex: "John Smith from Region 34"

  5. State the rules. Let callers know the "call ettiquette" beforehand so that everyone begins on the same page.

  6. Who are you? Identify yourself before talking - don't take for granted that everyone recognizes your voice. It's important to state your name.

  7. Who are they? Identify who you're addressing - because you can't see each other, always state the name of the person that you're responding to.

  8. Wait your turn. Like in any other meeting, wait for someone to finish speaking before saying anything. That way, voices won't get jumbled and there will be less confusion.

  9. Follow an agenda. Remember to send out a call agenda to everyone beforehand so that callers can follow along and make sure that they're on the same page. Also, this help the call manager stay on task.

  10. Designate a time for responses. Instead of waiting for anyone to jump in to comment on a point just made (which can result in everyone speaking at once) ask callers to comment in sequence. Ex: "First we'll hear from John, then Sally, then…"

  11. Wrap it up. End the call by reminding everyone of the points made during the conference, and a checklist of what specific people need to attend to if applicable.
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