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3 Ways to Help Your Regions Improve

As an Area Director, a big responsibility is to help your Regions grow and thrive.  
There are a lot of tips, suggestions and guidance you can provide to RCs that will help them accomplish this. Consider the following three options:
1. Making participation in the Regional Assessment Program (RAP) mandatory in your Area. Assessing progress is an essential step to improving for a Region. And as an Area Director, the RAP is the best way to know how your Regions are performing and where they need improvement.

2. Only approving Regional Budgets that have funds (even a small amount) dedicated to attending a Section Meeting. RCs agree when they take the position that they will attend the Section Meeting and National Annual General Meeting (NAGM). If the RC isn't budgeting for the Section Meeting and NAGM, it's likely that the Region will not be represented at these valuable meetings.  
At the very least an RC should attend the Section Meeting once in their three-year term. Don't give up on a Region that's never attended!
3. Following up with your RCs after they attend RC Training. Valuable follow-up questions could include: How was the experience? What are some things that you are now targeting as priority projects? How can I help?  
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