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AD News and Tips

Encouraging Growth in Your Area With Marketing

At this year's NAGM in Seattle, Wash., AYSO's Area Directors got together for hours of discussion, problem solving and idea-sharing in the AD Caucuses.
The AD Report has collected these caucus topics and the resulting ideas and solutions from the participating ADs, and we are excited to share this information with you over the next several months.
The candid challenges and helpful proposed resolutions will only be published in The AD Report, so be sure to check back in every month!
This week's challenge: Encouraging Growth in Your Area with Marketing

Ask your Regions to use the same branding
. AYSO has an extensive set of marketing and branding materials in the Region Toolkit, and your Regions should be taking advantage of it! As one AD pointed out, “What if all the Regions in your Area used materials from the toolkit? That improves the exposure while sending the same message and using the same branding.” With cohesive and consistent marketing, the AYSO brand will be more recognizable to more families and help with growth.

Get social. Encourage your Regions to be active on social media (and consider doing the same with your Area). Social media is a fast and inexpensive way for your Regions to reach a large and local audience, market the AYSO brand and publicize upcoming registration events.

It takes a village. Consider making advertising/marketing a joint effort between all of your Regions. “Newspaper ads with all Regions in the Area saying, ‘We have a Region close to you,’ are a good idea,” shared an AD. Once you collect all of your Regions’ registration dates, advertisements can be planned out carefully and effectively.

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