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AD News and Tips

What You Think All ADs Should Know

Being an AD can be a challenging job - and because ADs are spread out all over the country, you don't often have the convenience of picking the brains of your fellow ADs for advice, tips, and do's and don'ts.  

In the last issue, we asked all of you to send over a tidbit of information that you think all ADs should know. Here are a few of your great ideas:

1. "The #1 thing I would share with fellow ADs is to communicate with your RCs and SD. Whether it is a phone call or an email, ADs should be talking with their RCs once a month at minimum, if not more. Don't forget to ask them how things are going, about their board, their volunteers, any new happenings and how they are doing personally. Develop that relationship so that when you have things you need them to do, they are more willing to do it.

"Also, talk with your SD often. Acknowledge emails, even if you can't get to them right away. Keep them in the loop on problems, even the small ones. Keep the lines of communication open and you will be a better AD."

2. "Area Directors need to learn the ins and outs of eAYSO. We should be the closest and most familiar eAYSO helper the RCs can turn to. It's so easy to learn eAYSO by taking the online training courses.

"Area Directors also should take, at least, the mandatory board position job training courses. How can you help a treasurer, registrar or CPVA if you haven't taken the training yourself? At the most we're probably talking about 5 to 6 hours of training that will save the AD and RCs many headaches. Many of the classes are [a little over an hour] long and include [some of] the eAYSO information for that particular job."

3. "ADs should be looking monthly at the accounts payable to see if large amounts are owed and not being paid in a timely fashion. This could also mean a theft problem if there are several bills that get into the 60, 90 and 120 day column. This could mean a possible theft problem or a treasurer who is not doing their job as described."

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