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Huffington Post: The Team That Did Not Practice
My 17-year-old daughter has been playing soccer since she was 5. One year of club soccer sent her running back into the arms of our local AYSO -- something that had little to do with her skill set and more to do with just wanting to have fun at a sport she loves.
Coaching Your First Team Tip #6: Find a Balance Between Being a Coach and a Parent
When you first start coaching, you may very well be introducing your child to a new experience: sharing the attention of his/her parent with a larger number of other children than he/she is used to. You, on the other hand, are concerned with not showing favoritism.
Landon Donovan's Path to Greatness
Editor's Note: Please enjoy the following story put together by Mike Woitalla of that follows Landon Donovan's journey from from his youth soccer years to one of the most prominent soccer stars of all time.
Coaching Your First Team Tip #5: Sometimes It's the Little Things That Matter
Coach Amy Mayber says: “I learned the hard way that part of a coach's job is to make sure that everyone's shorts are tied. First play of the first game, one of my girls started running and her pants fell to the ground!”
Coaching Your First Team Tip #4: First Comes Love, Then Comes Soccer
"There's no real schematic on how to develop a great player, but we know if you give a kid a love and passion for the game, who knows, they may become the next Rick Davis," says Ouellette.
Coaching Your First Team Tip #3: See the Game Through Your Child's Eyes
"When you realize that you're going out there to enjoy, not to evaluate, it's much better," says John Ouellette, AYSO Technical Director and National Coach. "We're talking about kids playing a game. It's like going to the park, watching children play, and savoring every moment."
Join in the AYSO Thank You Project Today
Today marks the first day of the AYSO Thank You Project. This landmark campaign gives AYSO families, volunteers, alumni and fans everywhere the chance to say “thanks!” via social media to that special AYSO coach, important referee, committed RC or just that unique AYSO mom or dad who helped them be who they are today.
Coaching Your First Team Tip #2: Get Trained
To ensure that every child’s AYSO experience is as positive as it can be, AYSO coaches are required to be trained in the age group they’re coaching. Along with the groundbreaking coach training program, AYSO also has a comprehensive series of manuals for the parent-coach that are accessible, easy-to-use and handy for bringing along to practices and games.
7 Tips for Coaches to Ensure Safety in Hot Weather
With high heat warnings taking place in many parts of the country, or whenever temperature and humidity levels rise above normal, it is important to follow guidelines to ensure that everyone is safe when playing outdoors.
Communicating With Parents

soccer campsFind an AYSO Summer Camp Today!
Looking for additional opportunities for your young soccer player? AYSO Soccer Camps offers full-day, half-day and mini camps that focus on player development and fun for all ages.
AYSO Coaching Featured at NSCAA Convention
The new AYSO National Coaching Program curriculum was spotlighted at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) annual convention in Philadelphia, Jan. 13-16, in a session entitled, “It’s Environmental! Recreational Player Development.”
How to Coach Your Team on Game Day
What is appropriate behavior for a soccer coach during game time? Soccer America Magazine recently came up with some tips for youth soccer coaches on how to coach effectively once the game is underway.
Fun Shooting Exercise

Advantages of Mainstream Play Against VIP Teams
If you're looking for a way to keep your team active on bye weeks (weeks where no game is scheduled), a win-win situation is to have your team play against a VIP (Very Important Player) team.
When Should Your Players Start Heading?
AYSO recommends that heading be practiced only with players age 10 and above. Coaches are encouraged to not teach or practice heading at the earlier ages.
Have Your Best Season Yet With AYSO Team Sites
Do you want to cut your team administrative tasks in half? Nine out of 10 coaches said that AYSO-Shutterfly Team Sites made their team communication easier and more effective. Team sites will allow you to spend less time on emails, and more time doing what you love: coaching on the field!
11 Activities Perfect for the Off-Season
Keep active during the off-season!
AYSO Re-Accredited By NCACE
The American Youth Soccer Organization's (AYSO) is the first coaching education program to be re-accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE). AYSO's coaching program is now accredited through Feb. 2016.
Team Parent's Corner
Too often, coaches try to take everything on themselves, from creating the team roster to checking player availability to organizing carpools.
Be Sure to Activate Your AYSO Team Site
AYSO Team Sites from Shutterfly make it easy for coaches to communicate with parents and stay organized. Teams sites are free, easy to set up and designed to save you time during the season. Once your team roster has been confirmed and entered into eAYSO by your Region, you'll receive a notification email. Simply click the link in the email and you will be directed to Shutterfly to activate your team's site. Be sure to activate your site before the season starts!
3 Steps to Become a Responsible Coach
Coaches are among the greatest influencers of our youth athletes and have the ability to shape the memories and experiences of kids in soccer.
How to Handle Parents that "Sideline Coach"
CATZCoach president and Chivas USA strength and conditioning coach Jim Liston answers a tough question.
How to Handle a Blowout Game
Jim Liston answers this question.
A Tip For Positive Coaching From PCA
AYSO National Partner, Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), regularly hosts group workshops and online courses for coaches involved in youth sports.
5 Tips to Stop Screaming on the Sidelines
Are you aware of the impact that sideline screaming has on the players? Here are a few ideas to help.
Build a Positive Relationship with Your Players' Parents
Building positive parent-coach relationships can help everyone have a more productive, beneficial season.
George Kuntz' 8 keys to a Great Practice
AYSO fall soccer is around the corner! To prepare for the upcoming season, start thinking about your plans for your team's practices.
Scott Gimple on Hallmark TVScott Gimple Featured on Hallmark's "Home & Family"
Scott discussed positive sideline behavior in youth sports and AYSO's innovative "Silent Saturday" idea.
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