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3 All-Age Drills to Improve Shooting Skills

One of the most exciting things in soccer is seeing a great shot slam the back of the net or curl neatly in to a corner. Developing an accurate, powerful and consistent shot takes a lot of practice, but with these three drills, your players will be one step closer. 

Check out the following three drills to get your players to the next level: 

Drill: Chance of Glory 
Purpose of drill: Getting players to use both left and right foot to shoot, quickly getting off a good shot, repetition (four balls at a time), shooting at full-speed of play, chance to concentrate on technique due to no defensive pressure. 
Difficult level: Beginner-Intermediate
Suggested age group: From U-10+ 
Click here for set-up and coaching points.

Drill 2: Striker Liker
Purpose of drill: To develop the instep and inside of foot shot technique. Players will learn to keep their eye on the ball while shooting, proper positioning of placement foot, technique required to get off a great shot and develop both near and far post shooting technique.  
Difficulty level: Beginner-Intermediate
Suggested age group: All ages
Click here for set-up and coaching points.

Drill 3: Finishing Under Pressure 
Purpose of drill: Use this after trying out the first two drills. Implement shooting technique in passive and full pressure situations, increase awareness of defender’s position, creating shooting opportunities when marked and using speed and dribbling technique to create space.  
Difficult level: Intermediate
Suggested age group: From U-8 and above (with variations)
Click here for set-up and coaching points.

For more drills, full sessions and training, contact your Regional Commissioner or Coaching Administrator to get a coaching manual for the age you're coaching.



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