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5 Tips to Stop Screaming on the Sidelines

Don Young of Redlands, Calif., Region 50 has been an AYSO coach for 15 years. In response to the April 27, 2010 Hey Coach! question, "Are You a Screamer?", Don submitted some techniques to help coaches modify their screaming behavior:

"As you mentioned, they are often not aware of the extent of their behavior (or the impact that it has on the players). Here are a few ideas to help them to change:

  1. Don't pair up with another screamer! Pair up with someone that you respect, someone who will walk over and nudge or bump you when you are acting inappropriately and act as a calming influence. Too often the coach who is a screamer pairs up with someone else who has a similar intensity instead of someone who is calmer and will be a better balance.

  2. Wear slacks. You are less likely to be a screamer if you are dressed up.

  3. Sit in a chair while you coach. It is harder to yell while you are sitting.

  4. Sit in a beach chair. It is almost impossible to yell when your legs are sticking straight out in front of you.

  5. Remember the kids are not a Nintendo system and pushing the "A" button while yelling at them will not get them to run any faster!"

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