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George Kuntz' 8 keys to a Great Practice

AYSO fall soccer is around the corner! To prepare for the upcoming season, start thinking about your plans for your team's practices. Prepare your practices and training sessions based on the age of your team, and consider integrating a new soccer term, technical skill and fun game each practice.

To help you have a productive season this fall, George Kuntz, AYSO's National Player Development Technical Advisor, shares his eight keys to a successful practice. Take a look below:
  1. P for Have a Plan - Have a topic prepared for every practice

  2. R for Repetition - Use similar exercises throughout the year that will allow kids to see their improvement

  3. A for Action - Activities should be dynamic and lively and versus static; inclusive instead of exclusive

  4. C for Communication - Make sure the exercise and the rules are clearly communicated to your players

  5. T for Timing - Know when to teach a topic and choose the best moment to make corrections during practice

  6. I for Improvisation - Utilize and encourage creativity. Be flexible throughout practice and be open to making any new changes, if necessary

  7. C for Concentration - Focus on technical or tactical issues with a clear constructive message

  8. E for Execution - Expect that the players can execute at a higher level and they will!
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