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Team Parent's Corner

By Emily Cohen

Too often, coaches try to take everything on themselves, from creating the team roster to checking player availability to organizing carpools. That's simply too much to handle for someone whose primary focus should be making sure the kids are having fun, learning soccer skills and ensuring everyone gets equal playing time.

So, what is a coach to do? Delegate, that's what! Here are the top five things you should have your team parent or manager do from the get-go. And don't be afraid to ask them to do more! Treat them like your right-hand man-or woman-and you'll be rewarded with a more enjoyable, organized coaching experience.

  1. When your team roster comes out, have your team parent verify all parents' contact information - especially cell phone numbers and email addresses!

  2. Activate your Shutterfly team share site and designate your team parent as an administrator. The Shutterfly team share site will allow your team parent to put a calendar together for games and practices, send parents automatic notifications when the schedule changes, coornidate the snack schedule and more!

  3. Have your team parent handle the snack schedule or have them designate another parent. This is a perfect thing to offload-and they can do using online tools as well.

  4. Uniforms don't fit? Need another jersey? Ask your team parent to interface with the league and your team parents so it's a coordinated effort-and your team gets everything it needs.

  5. Remind your team parent to start planning early for the end-of-season team party. They can even designate another parent to be the party planner. Thinking ahead means no last-minute searches for trophies and pizza parlors!

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