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Benefits and Features

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Program Benefits

Get kids more engaged in the soccer program by providing them with a better level of coaching and more structure to their practices.

Develop more competent coaches who feel good about their experience and want to continue to coach year after year. Attract volunteer coaches who would like to participate but are reluctant to because of their lack of experience and confidence they could do a good job.


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  • Complete age specific soccer curriculum.
  • Content delivered via web-based video to maximize the learning and retention of the material.
  • Each practice is scripted. Simply click the link for the session (i.e. Practice 1, Practice 2, etc) to view a brief 8-12 min. video of the activities for that session.
  • A video library of the individual activities is also available to make it easier to review specific drills.
  • Players (and parents) have access to individual soccer drills and motor development activities to allow them to continue to develop their skills outside of the team's practices and games.




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