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Inside CATZCoach Soccer

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Inside the CATZCoach Soccer Program

The training tool that AYSO wants all its coaches to have

CATZCoach is the only video-based on-line soccer training program that delivers a complete season of practice plans that are age and gender specific. It is the only coach training tool that has been approved - and endorsed - by AYSO National Coach John Ouellette.

CATZCoach allows an AYSO soccer coach to progressively develop his/her players with an easy-to-follow program. The goal of CATZCoach is to make coaching soccer easy because the best way to ensure a great soccer program is by developing great soccer coaches.

CATZ Coach Program Benefits:

  • Retain volunteer coaches by developing their competence and making them feel good about their experience. They'll want to continue to coach year after year.
  • Attract new volunteer coaches who would like to participate but are hesitant because of their lack of experience and confidence.
  • Get kids more engaged in AYSO soccer by providing them with a better level of coaching and more structure to their practices

How CATZCoach works:

  • Content is delivered via web-based video to maximize the learning and retention of the material.
  • Each practice is scripted. Simply click the link for the designated session (i.e. Practice 1, Practice 2, etc) to view a brief 8-12 minute video of the activities for that session.
  • The curriculum not only progresses throughout the season, it also builds on the skills learned the previous year.
  • A video library of the individual activities is also available to make it easier to review speci?c drills.

Developed by experts

CATZCoach was created by professional soccer players/coaches who understand what it takes to nurture coaches and develop players. Each practice session builds on the last so the players make continual improvements throughout the season. As the players progress, so does the curriculum…taking players from U-6 to U-19.

Video-based learning is simple. Each practice is completely scripted. Coaches watch, emulate, and learn. No more reading books the night before practice, trying to understand X's and O's, diagrams, lines and arrows. In 8-12 minutes they are able to see the exact practice they will deliver later that day. Warm-up games, agility and mobility exercises, drills and skills, developmental games, and various scrimmages all work in concert to progress players in a systematic manner.

The video sessions are authentic, shot with age and gender specific players who are not superstars but are average athletes and regular kids.

Making every coach a winner

Too many volunteer coaches start out with the right intentions but lack the necessary knowledge or skills to become effective coaches. Making CATZCoach available to your coaches is like throwing them a lifeline. We do not allow coaches to sink, we help them flourish. With a structured practice to follow, they develop the competence and confidence that turns a rough experience into a rewarding one.

If players enjoy practice, they will come back season after season. If parents feel their children are learning and enjoying the game of soccer, they will keep encouraging them to play. If coaches can confidently deliver an engaging soccer program you can be assured that they will want to keep coaching as well. This is the genesis of a successful AYSO region.




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