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 "CATZCoach video practices mirror the AYSO National Coaching Program ensuring that every player learns soccer the right way while having fun!"

John Oullette
AYSO National Coach

"Hi, I really liked being able to see the Coaches teach skills to children/players who are the age I am coaching. I also liked learning how the drills are supposed to run vs. how I "intrepret" them on paper. The videos are by far the best, quickest, and easist way for me to learn the drill and turn around and teach them. My next step is to get the parents and players to watch so we can all try to implement the drills. Thank you for this valuable tool, it's really cool. But, please don't make this cost - impractical, you've got it priced correctly now. Thanks again. "
- U8B and U12G Coach (who's never played myself).

"The practices are progressive and age-appropriate. The focus is on moving from the simple to the more complex as the season progresses and emphasizes the teaching within activities and games with very little standing in lines. Positive coaching is another great feature along with the concept of teaching motor skills and movement to the younger players. The printable practice plans are another important feature!"

"The videos explained the drills better than any text - plus they got across the fun & excitement possible."

"It is organized and easy to follow. It covers all of the skills my kids need to learn in a season."

"I like the suggested drills by week. It is great. I have played soccer since I was 5…but your guidance on how to coach the fundamentals and to develop them along the way is fantastic."

"The video explanation of the drills was extremely effective for me. I was also able to show new coaches I've been mentoring in U12 Girls how to employ for a fun effective practice session."

"The videos are great! It is very important to see the drills rather than just read a description."

"Structure! Not having a ton of free time, CATZCoach-Soccer gave me the confidence that I could help my players learn the skills they needed without stressing about developing drills and routines myself. great program. "


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