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Have Policy Questions?

View our Coach Policy FAQ here.
    • Why should I coach in AYSO?
    • I don't know anything about soccer. Can I still help coach?
    • What is the time commitment of being an AYSO coach? Assistant coach?
    • How old do I have to be to coach?
    • How do I become a coach?
    • Does an AYSO coach have to have a child on the team?
    • What training is provided for coaches?
    • What is Safe Haven®?
    • What are the various levels of coach certification?
    • What are the requirements and time involved with the various coach certifications?
    • What and/or where is my certification?
    • Do I have to coach little kids before I can coach the older kids?
    • Does each player have to play half of every game, or can it be averaged out across the season?
    • Why do we play small-sided games and is it mandatory?
    • What are the correct field dimensions/markings, goal sizes, ball sizes, number of players on the field and on a roster and game duration for each age group?
    • Can we have paid trainers?
    • When and where is the next coaching course I need to take?
    • Where and how can I obtain coaching equipment?
    • Can you recommend some websites for me to learn more about coaching youth soccer?
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