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U10 Training Games

The following U-10 Training Games are intended to provide information to AYSO Coaches to improve their ability to deliver quality training sessions and practices.

Note: All coaches need to read the following "Teaching The Game To Kids".

Download this important coaching information:

Teaching The Game to Kids

Click on the Training Game Below to Download


U-10 Training Games
Name of Game Skill
Teammates 2v2 One Center Goal Dribbling, Passing,
Attacking and Defending
Dribbling Center Turn Left/Right Dribbling Warm-Up
Dribbling Center Straight Across Dribbling Warm-Up
Teammates 2v2 Dribbling, Passing,
Attacking and Defending
The Square Dribbling Warm-Up
Dribbling With A Center Turn Dribbling Warm-Up
Free For All Shooting, Dribbling,
Attacking and Defending
1 v 1 Shooting Multiple
2 Keepers Shooting Multiple
Beat The Twins Multiple
Keep-away Multiple
Free For All Shooting Shooting, Attacking,
Defending and Goalkeeping
1v1 Four Gate Soccer Attacking and Defending
Junk Yard Dog Attacking and Defending
Playing With Four Goals Multiple
3 v 3 With 2 Point Zones Dribbling Passing
Cone Run 10 Yards Dribbling Passing
The Twilight Zone Dribbling
Fast Shooting Shooting
4 Cone 4 Person Passing Passing
Hate To Be A Defender Passing
3 v 3 Shooting Shooting, Dribbling and Passing
Cone Run Shooting Shooting
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