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NBOD Moves to Grow AYSO EXTRA™

AYSO's EXTRA™ program will now be managed by the Section Directors in a re-organization of responsibility unanimously approved by the National Board of Directors (NBOD) at their January meeting. The move is designed to streamline the application process and accelerate growth of EXTRA throughout AYSO. It was a proposal from the SDs.

EXTRA is designed to provide a more challenging level of soccer for AYSO players who have the interest, skills and abilities. It enhances that player's experience and individual growth while retaining the spirit and organization of AYSO.

The organizational goal of EXTRA is to strengthen AYSO by retaining players and volunteers in additional primary programs operated under the AYSO philosophies. EXTRA is not designed to overshadow or harm the standard primary program.

The highlights of the new change include:
  1. The Section Director will be responsible for management and oversight of all EXTRA programs, new and existing, within his/her Section.

  2. All new or renewing pilot EXTRA programs will complete the current approved EXTRA Program Application and submit program documentation to the Section Director to accept, review and recommend approval to the NBOD. Regions being added to an existing EXTRA pilot program must also be approved by the NBOD. A copy of the recommendation and EXTRA program application will be directed to the National Office for NBOD action to approve.

  3. Applications that are referred back to the applicant(s) must contain the reasons why the application was not recommended for approval and counseling or assistance will be offered to the Area Director in achieving future success and ultimate re-application.

  4. The National Office will facilitate any report needs (as they now exist) to assist Section Directors in evaluating the readiness for an Area or multi-Area Application to conduct an EXTRA program.

  5. Sections Directors will ensure that all EXTRA programs will be put in place and follow approved EXTRA Guidelines that are consistent with AYSO's Rules and Regulations and Philosophies.

  6. Only approved EXTRA pilot programs will be allowed to have uniforms bearing the EXTRA logo approved by the NBOD.

  7. Section Directors will correct or close down pilot programs that fail to operate under the EXTRA program guidelines.

  8. All Sections will comply with any EXTRA reporting and metric requirements set forth by the Extended Play Task Force (EPTF), which had been the body overseeing EXTRA, as approved by the NBOD.

  9. Section Directors will serve as a conduit to the NBOD on matters pertaining to the EXTRA pilot program.

  10. Section Directors will attend a webinar that outlines the EXTRA program to ensure full understanding of the program and the key areas of compliance.

  11. The National Executive Director will set forth procedures for National Office contact for inquires for reports, submittal of applications for NBOD approval, answering of questions and other support.

The EPTF, will now focus its efforts toward improving the EXTRA pilot program components and assembling a business case to the NBOD that outlines program strengths and weaknesses. The EPTF has been tasked to:
  1. Review the EXTRA Program Application and associated program documentation process and recommend improvements that streamline possible cumbersome requirements. This will ensure program guidelines, application and reporting processes are consistent with the needs of the organization.

  2. Develop and/or update training workshops or webinars that educate the membership, develop materials, reports and metrics needed to assess program strengths and weaknesses, and put together, review, update and recommend any changes to the NBOD.

  3. Work with the Section Directors and the National Office Staff to create a master spreadsheet of all approved EXTRA Programs.

  4. Develop reports and metrics to measure program compliance and success and provide quarterly reports to the NBOD on program strengths and weaknesses.

  5. Using EXTRA reports and metrics, the EPTF will assemble a strategic plan business case report to the NBOD on the viability of EXTRA as an AYSO standard primary program versus a pilot program. Once approved by the NBOD, the business case for the change to EXTRA's program status will be presented to the membership for consideration.

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