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Giving TuesdayAYSO Raises $33,629 on #GivingTuesday
Seven articles, 46 social media posts and 24 hours of #GivingTuesday resulted in $33,629 raised to ensure every child gets the chance to play AYSO soccer. The donations received this #GivingTuesday will help ensure that any child can play AYSO soccer.
jeffAYSO's Found the Next Great Grilled Cheese
It's official! The Grand Prize Winner of AYSO's Kerrygold Grilled Cheese Recipe contest is Jeff from Region 85 in Silverado, Calif.
2015 AYSO EXPOS are 'The Start of Something Special'
It's time to mark your calendars and save the date for the AYSO EXPO in your Section. This year there will be 11 AYSO EXPOs (formerly called Section Meetings) across the nation.
Join in the AYSO Thank You Project Today
Today marks the first day of the AYSO Thank You Project. This landmark campaign gives AYSO families, volunteers, alumni and fans everywhere the chance to say “thanks!” via social media to that special AYSO coach, important referee, committed RC or just that unique AYSO mom or dad who helped them be who they are today.
Referee Administrators Should Welcome Feedback
Your referee program may get better with a little bit of luck and chance. But if you want to ensure progress, you must be willing to solicit, welcome and embrace feedback. Feedback from different people, who point out a consistent message, will provide you with a snapshot of what is happening in your referee program. You can use feedback to make changes that will improve your referee program. And yes, often feedback related to referees’ performance is given out of frustration on the part of coaches, parents and even other referees. It is important to differentiate between the delivery and the content of the feedback message. Even more importantly, focus on the content and not so much on the delivery. Here are some tips on how to effectively use feedback from your members.
AYSO Enriches Families' Lives
Families bring their children to AYSO to play soccer and in return, AYSO provides them with wonderful opportunities to enrich their lives. The Needham family, volunteering in Region 56, referees games together. Brad, the dad, has volunteered for six years and will continue to do so because he believes “that it is important for parents to be involved in activities with their kids.”
Our Referee Team Is Doing Great!
A World Cup provides wonderful stories and intense controversy depending on which team colors reside in your heart.
Brazil 2014 World Cup – A Maior Festa Do Mundo!
Today, people stop working, hearts accelerate to maximum capacity, passion burst in all homes and joy takes over the world because the World Cup starts!
National Games VIP Referee Training Now Available
AYSO's VIP (Very Important Player) division will have its own pool-play during this year's National Games.
Refereeing in a World Cup!
This summer, the world will watch the best soccer being played in Brazil as part of the 2014 World Cup (WC)! The referee team in charge of managing the WC games will be the best in the world thanks to a long preparation process.
Workouts for Soccer Referees
Maintain a good training program that keeps you healthy and close to play. Here is a list of fitness training options to help you develop your program.
10 Tips to Help Deal with Dissent
The referee must understand the complex emotions of players in relation to the match.
10 Ways to be a Better Assessor
Evaluating and mentoring referees is a valuable process in the improvement of our referees, and our assessors have been trained to deliver valuable data.
10 Tips to Help Deal with Coach Dissent
Emotional outbursts from the coach can be vivid and typically brief, undirected, and often quickly regretted. The referee must understand the complex emotions coaches experience in relation to the match.
2012 Referee Spirit Award Winner
Ramdas Lamb was honored as AYSO's Referee Spirit Award Winner at the National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) in Seattle, Wash.
10 Referee Traits That Help Control Games
A referee that uses positivity and uses it to influence players and spectators will earn their respect during the game.
The Spirit of the Law - the AYSO Way!
The Spirit of the Game directs and expects that a game will be played in a safe and fair manner so that it can be enjoyed (fun) by all participants and spectators.
Tournament Refereeing Tips
Refereeing at a tournament can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be very different from your time officiating regular Region games.
10 Ways to Influence Referees to Upgrade
We believe in training and mentoring our referees to help them achieve the highest level of skill and certification. AYSO generates a lot of value by upgrading our referees and our volunteers receive personal benefits when they become more skilled and experienced.
Ten Things Referees Can Do To Prepare For The Season
Good referees develop a routine for preparing themselves before the season and before every game.
10 Ways to be a Better Mentor
Mentoring is an effective process that helps volunteers improve their knowledge and skills, and also influences their motivation. Great mentors understand how to develop strong relationships and provide valuable support and advice.
Help Us Kick Violence Out of Soccer!
Ricardo Portillo, a referee from Salt Lake City, Utah tragically passed away after being sent into a coma by a punch from a teenage player during a game.
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