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New Flexibility Offered in AYSO Uniform Specifications

The AYSO National Board of Directors (NBOD) is offering Regions some new flexibility in the AYSO Uniform Specifications. It still means the AYSO Traditional Logo is on every AYSO uniform, but it also gives some allowances for adjustments that are often requested by Regions. There will now be much more flexibility on number placements, opportunities for local community markings on socks and an online system that offers a quick and easy review for other variance requests.

The NBOD, a survey was done last November of all AYSO Regional Commissioners asking their opinions about the AYSO uniform guidelines and possible changes and flexibility. There was overwhelming agreement from the respondents confirming the importance of the AYSO Traditional Logo on every uniform.

However, a majority also agreed with offering flexibility in other areas and a simple, quick and consistent system to review requests.

To accomplish this flexibility and give it consistent oversight so as not to compromise the AYSO Brand, the AYSO Uniform Specifications now come under the supervision of the AYSO Marketing Dept. 

Visit the new AYSO Uniform Specifications here.

Uniform manufacturers have also been notified of both the new flexibility and the requirement of formal written approval from the AYSO Marketing Dept. on any additional variances.

"Traditionally if the Rules & Regulations were silent on an element of the uniform rules, it was interpreted as being a flat 'no'," said AYSO National President Mark Stewart. "Our goal with this change is to give Regions more flexibility and a nimble review system that can be responsive to each Region's local marketing needs rather than requiring the NBOD or the Executive Membership to vote on even the most minor uniform alteration."

The rules now also address the new playing opportunities that are being developed in AYSO and will allow some additional branding flexibility for them. In addition, the FOX Sports 1 logo is now part of every AYSO uniform.

Remember, as a referee, if you see a uniform that's not within the required guidelines, you should only notate it in your report and give it to your Regional Commissioner to review. Never tell the players that their uniform isn't within the guidelines.



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