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3 Important eAYSO Reminders for Registration

1. Are you seeing a little red flag in eAYSO? This can mean one of several things:

•    The volunteer submitted his/her application, answered “yes” to the conviction question and is in the process of being screened by Safe Haven.
•    New in 2014: the volunteer completed a hand-signed application and was input or renewed by Region. This volunteer remains red-flagged until the original hand-signed copy of the volunteer application is received by Safe Haven.
•    The volunteer has either missing or incomplete information such as a typo in his/her social security number.
•    The applicant or registered volunteer was screened by Safe Haven and disqualified from volunteering based on the results of their background check.

2. If a volunteer is in NE status, is red-flagged after being renewed by the Region from a hand-signed form, wants to eSign or is having difficulty using eSign, please direct the volunteer to the eAYSO Help Desk: 1-800-588-2976. The Help Desk coordinators will walk them through the process and help them resolve the issue.

3. Don’t forget to send any originally hand-signed applications (not eSigned) to the National Office immediately so they can be background checked and the red flag removed: 19750 S. Vermont Ave., Torrance, CA 90502.

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