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CVPA News and Tips

3 Important CVPA Steps

As the season gets underway, there are 3 important steps every CVPA should complete:
  1. Prepare for targeted background checks. Finish targeted background checks: AYSO is required to have signed consent agreements (the volunteer application) at the National Office in order to conduct any background investigations. In order to prioritize these background checks, all coaches, assistant coaches, referees, assistant referees, team parents and other regional volunteers must be assigned their positions in eAYSO.

  2. Once all your Region's volunteers are assigned to their positions, send an email to so that the AYSO National Office can begin targeted background screening.

  3. Confirm your Region's applications have been received. Confirm that your Region's volunteer applications have been received by the AYSO National Office for background screening (and learn which ones still need to be sent in) by checking the Volunteer Application Received report in eAYSO. 

  4. Make sure your volunteers are trained and certified. To confirm that your Region's volunteers have the appropriate job and Safe Haven training, run the Volunteer Certification report in eAYSO. This report lists all certifications specific to discipline (coaching, refereeing and management) as well as any Safe Haven courses taken. Refer to your coach and referee administrators to make sure that the lists of volunteers and their training is complete. .


Tip: Keep an eye out for long-time volunteers who continue to volunteer as either instructors or referees who do not complete and sign a volunteer application each year.
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