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5 Tips to be an AYSO Chaperone

With tournament season quickly approaching, please review this helpful information on AYSO chaperones.

When chaperoning, the minimum requirement for the adult to youth ratio is one adult for a maximum of eight players, and two adults at all times with at least one being of the same gender as the team members.

The AYSO player registration form should serve as sufficient emergency treatment authorization. We recommend forms have a wet signature even if eSign was used.

When it comes to travel arrangements, AYSO defers to the parents. For example, if the parents of one player can't attend, they can make arrangements with a parent of their choosing and comfort level to chaperone their child. It should be clear that the parent assuming a chaperone role agrees to provide appropriate supervision. We ask that AYSO officials leave these arrangements to parents and that they not be assigned by the team. Team officials should be informed of the chaperone/travel arrangements agreed to by the parents.

Parents also have options for room arrangements. For example, the parents of a child can agree that the player and chaperone will share one room together (with double beds) or two rooms depending on their age, appropriateness, comfort level, etc. The supervising adults should ensure that the room is near other adults and that appropriate precautions are taken (locking out adult programming on TV, enforcing curfews, etc.)

Other general guidelines for travel and hotel stays include:

  • No adult should ever be alone in a hotel room with minors except with their own children (or children that parents assigned to be supervised by that individual)
  • Adults should meet with minors in hotel common areas
  • Any trainer or first aid tasks should be conducted at the field, not in a hotel room
  • Minors must never be allowed to drive while on an AYSO trip (even if licensed)
  • 15-passenger vans must not be rented for AYSO travel. Whenever renting a vehicle, always take the additional coverage.
  • Any adult who drives players, should check with their personal auto insurance carrier to ensure that they have adequate liability coverage. 
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