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Concussion Information Sheet Requirements

When registering a player, parents who use eAYSO and eSign are asked to review and eSign the Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet for the Region. When states require the player’s signature or when parents turn in a hand-signed sheet, the Region must retain the hand-signed copies along with hand-signed Player Registration forms in secured storage until the player turns 24 years old.

Coaches do not need the signed copies of the Concussion Information Sheet (only the Player Registration Forms) but should have copies available for parents in the event a child exhibits a sign or symptom of a possible concussion.

Prior to the season, all coaches and referees should be given the AYSO/Center for Disease Control (CDC) Concussion Action Plan which reminds coaches and referees of the signs and symptoms of a concussion and AYSO’s additional recommended steps.

In the event a player is removed from play for observed signs/symptoms of a concussion, that player cannot return to play for the remainder of the day and can only return to AYSO activities with an AYSO Participation Release form signed by the parent or guardian. If mandated by state law, a medical release must also be provided before the child can participate.

All of these forms, including a copy of the signed Player Registration form and any Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) claims forms, must be given to the Region Safety Director who forwards them on to the National Office. For more information on AYSO’s Concussion Policy, click here.

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