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Divorced Parents and Privacy Rights

To protect the privacy of AYSO families, it is our position to not disclose information to anyone other than the individuals listed on the Player Registration Form.

This means that if a non-listed parent or guardian requests information, they must provide proof of custody. The Region must notify the parent listed that a non-listed parent has requested that information. If the parent doesn't want any information given to the requestor, they must show court documentation proving that the other guardian doesn't have the right to the information.  
Please remind all our parents that it is in the best interest of their child that they work out any issues regarding their child's participation together and that AYSO maintains a position that we will not get involved in any domestic disputes. 

As a reminder, AYSO doesn't enforce Temporary Restraining Orders between adults unless it prohibits the parent from coaching his/her child.
If you have any question regarding this matter, email us.


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