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CVPA News and Tips

Important Changes to the Volunteer Application Process in eAYSO

eAYSO will soon undergo a system upgrade that will improve the processing of volunteer forms. This eAYSO upgrade will be critical in providing necessary support to Safe Haven and its policies.

The changes have been implemented to help ensure that eAYSO and the volunteer application process provide better protection for AYSO players and volunteers. A large focus has been placed on making certain that any volunteer not approved by Safe Haven will not fly under the radar and assume a volunteer position.  

That being said, many of the changes taking place during the system upgrade are improvements to eAYSO's flagging process. Here are a few of the highlights:

- Red Flags will no longer be used to show when a Region enters a comment in the Volunteer Memo box. Now, Region Memo Box comments will be signified with a yellow sticky-note icon.

- Also, when an applicant answers “yes” to “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” the applicant will be flagged. This will prevent the volunteer from being registered or assigned positions in eAYSO until he/she is cleared by Safe Haven.

- If the flagged volunteer is cleared, Safe Haven will remove the Red Flag and email the CVPA with an update on the volunteer’s eligibility to volunteer with or without restriction.

- A volunteer who cannot be cleared will retain the Red Flag, the CVPA notes will be updated and the Region will be notified. Most importantly, these volunteers will stay in Applicant status as disqualified from volunteering.

- If an individual is cleared to volunteer, but restricted from holding certain positions (e.g. coaching, officiating or managing funds) the yellow sticky-note icon will appear next to the volunteer record on the Volunteer Registration screen and the restriction will be added to the Volunteer Memo box.

Have questions? Contact Safe Haven. And for a comprehensive walk-through of the eAYSO upgrade and improvements to Safe Haven procedures, sign up for the CVPA Annual Update webinar.

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