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Important Pennsylvania State Background Check Information


Effective July, 2015, Pennsylvania State Act 153 requires all volunteers in the state of Pennsylvania to submit the following background checks to their member organization every 36 months in order to volunteer to work with children:


2.  PA Department of Child Welfare Service's Child Abuse Report.  State fee: $10 

3.  FBI Fingerprint based Criminal History report from either the State Police or the Department of Child Welfare if the individual has not resided in the state of Pennsylvania for the last 10 years consecutively. Fee: $27.50


Because it is not possible for Safe Haven to obtain these background clearances on behalf of the Organization or the volunteer, we received approval for the following procedure for screening Pennsylvania volunteers:

  • Every volunteer must complete and eSign a volunteer application in eAYSO as is currently required, enabling the AYSO standard national background checks.
  • Every MY 2015 volunteer applicant will be red-flagged starting June 1, 2015 pending the receipt by Safe Haven of the required PA State background checks listed above.
  • Every volunteer must request the PA State required background checks from the PA state agencies referenced and pay the designated fees.
  • Volunteers must mail, fax or scan and email a copy of the required PA background checks to Safe Haven for review at the follow address:

AYSO Safe Haven

19750 S. Vermont Ave. Suite 200

Torrance, CA  90502

Confidential FAX: 310-525-1156


  • Report findings will be checked along with AYSO’s national background checks, according to the AYSO Criminal Background Check Policy.
  • The red-flag will be removed for all volunteers who have submitted the required PA state background checks and who have been cleared to volunteer by policy.
  • Volunteers may submit receipts for the required background checks to the Regions for reimbursement. Reimbursements should only be made once the background checks have been submitted to Safe Haven. Regions cannot discount Player Registration fees in order to offset the background check expenses for a parent/volunteer.

Please advise all potential volunteers to apply as a volunteer and request the PA state required background checks as early as possible to avoid delays. These reports can take several days to weeks to complete.

If you have any questions about this new requirement or the procedures, please contact the Safe Haven department at or check out the FAQs.

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