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CVPA Question Of The Month - June

Why Does Safe Haven Look at Crimes Not Dealing with Children

We recently submitted a Volunteer Application on which the person had checked off that he had a criminal conviction. In the explanation section, he provided the dates and location of conviction and stated that he was convicted of assault. His application was not approved by Safe Haven. Why does AYSO look at convictions for crimes that didn't have anything to do with children? Answer...

A recent story out of Canton, Ohio, illustrates the importance of screening potential volunteers for crimes that don't necessarily involve children. In Canton, a youth baseball coach is accused of assaulting the league's president. It turns out that the accused volunteer had undergone a background check and his history of arrests for misdemeanor assault was known to the league officials. Because their volunteer screening policy only covered crimes against children, this volunteer, with a history of violence, was approved to coach a youth baseball team. It is important to keep in mind that the Safe Haven program is charged with both child and volunteer protection; sometimes an applicant's criminal history will not indicate prior harm to children, but will indicate other prior incidents that experience has shown may reflect that the person should not be placed in a volunteer position. For your information,  there  is a partial list of convictions and the restrictions associated with them on the Background Check Policy page.

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