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Each month we will share a story from the CVPA trenches, with the goal of sharing other CVPA's experiences and solutions. Remember, you are not alone, and there are practically no scenarios that another CVPA out there hasn't already experienced! All names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

As part of screening the Region's new volunteers, Cindy the CVPA is supposed to call the references provided by the applicant. She has over 50 new volunteers, and is already pressed for time, so she considers skipping this part of the screening process.

Cindy mentioned this to her Regional Commissioner (RC), who reminded her that she could enlist help from other volunteers to make the reference check phone calls. The RC identifies two parents who are currently registered volunteers, Cindy trains them on how to make the reference checking phone calls and on general AYSO privacy protocol and they begin making phone calls. Much to their surprise, one of the references provided by a new applicant provides a very negative reference. He even states that it is his opinion that the applicant should not be allowed to work around children, based on his own prior experience with the applicant in another youth sports organization. Cindy's important lesson was to never skip over any of the steps in the volunteer screening process. They are all important components in our plan for providing a safe environment for the children playing in AYSO. She also learned that she doesn't have to do this alone - help is available and can make a seemingly impossible task very doable.

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