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eSign Volunteer Registration Requirement

On Jan. 1, the volunteer eSign registration policy went into effect. After the beginning of the year, eSign must be used for volunteer registration whenever possible. The goal is to have every volunteer sign up in eAYSO using eSign.

For the protection of our players, any volunteer application that does not come through eAYSO with eSign will be automatically red-flagged and cannot be registered by the Region until an original hand-signed form is received by the Safe Haven department at the National Office. Once the original hand-signed form is received, Safe Haven will release the red-flag. This process is very similar to the applications with a “yes” answer to the conviction question.

A red flag does not mean someone is rejected. It simply means that an application is on hold. A red flag in eAYSO can be a prompt that there is a question or something is missing on the application form or that an applicant cannot be approved at this time. There are a number of reasons why an applicant may be red flagged:

•    A typo in the Social Security Number or a missing date of birth or address field.
•    An incomplete answer to the disclosure question.
•    A “yes” answer to a prior conviction that is pending processing by Safe Haven.
•    A pending dispute of a background check finding.
•    A Region decided not to accept the application or perhaps suspended an applicant for a Membership Year.
•    New this year, an application entered by the Region from a hand-written and/or hand-signed application form pending the receipt of the originally signed form by Safe Haven.
•    And finally, in a small percentage of cases, the applicant cannot be approved to volunteer at this time according to the National Criminal Background Check Policy.

Use the "CVPA SEARCH" feature in eAYSO to check the status of any red flagged application or yellow status (restricted) volunteer.

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