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I'm a New CVPA: What Should I Do?

In the last few days, we've received more than a few phone calls with this same question. First, thank you very much for accepting the position of CVPA. Once your RC officially designates you as the CVPA, you will receive a shiny new CVPA Manual in the mail. This manual will be an invaluable resource for you as you implement the Safe Haven program in your Region. The first thing you should do is register for CVPA training, if you haven't already. Here are the dates for upcoming CVPA training Webinars, and you should also check with your Area for local in-person training dates. You should also register for an eAYSO for Volunteer Registration webinar.

Once you receive your CVPA manual, take a few minutes to sit down and become familiar with it. Especially helpful are the pages that describe the volunteer application submission procedure, the background check flow chart and the AYSO criminal background check policy. If you have any questions at all about the CVPA position, don't hesitate to contact Rosemarie Banich.

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