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To Text or Not to Text

Using the text messaging function on your cell phone can be a handy and quick way to communicate with others. In growing numbers, volunteers are using texting as a way of getting information to their fellow volunteers (such as a head coach texting an assistant coach or team parent with a question) and even to their players. Several CVPAs have asked whether this is an acceptable practice. While there isn't an official policy on the subject, using the general Safe Haven policies as a guide, it is appropriate to text team-related information, so long as the following safeguards are followed:

  1. Individual texting by volunteers to players should be avoided or kept to a minimum; think of this as an extension of the Supervision Policy-for their own protection, our volunteers should not be unsupervised with minor players, and personal text messages could be interpreted as an attempt to communicate in private.

  2. Almost any form of communication can be misinterpreted, but this is especially true of text messaging, where we tend to use abbreviated writing and short-cuts, such as the ever-present "LOL." Take the same professional approach to your text messages as you would with other forms of communication, understanding that what is an inside joke shared by all the team might not make sense to a parent who happens to read the message.

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