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CVPA News and Tips

Volunteer Registration Help

As a CVPA, you're currently very involved with registering your volunteers, assigning them to positions and helping your Regional Commissioner and Coach and Referee Administrators ensure that everyone is trained and certified.

If you've tried to register a volunteer in eAYSO and been unable to, here are 3 helpful troubleshooting tips:

In the Volunteer Registration function, when you search for a volunteer under "Current" and then "Previous" volunteers and you do not find the volunteer, you assume they have not been registered before and click on "Add a New Volunteer" to enter the volunteer into eAYSO.

When you enter the required fields: First and Last Name, Date of Birth and Home Phone Number, you may find that an existing record already in the system. This can be due to one of three reasons:

  1. The volunteer was not registered in the previous membership year but registered in one of the prior years
  2. The volunteer was an applicant in one of the previous membership years and never registered
  3. The volunteer is registered in another Region.

In example 1, you should be able to update their existing record and register them as usual.

In example 2, you won't find the existing record when you attempt to add them as a new volunteer because it may be an incomplete record. For these situations, add the volunteer as a new volunteer and call the AYSO National Office for assistance in merging the existing records. The eAYSO Help Desk, Registration or Safe Haven departments can assist you.

In example 3, you will not be able to add them as a new volunteer because they are an existing volunteer in another Region. You will have to call the Area Director, Area CVPA, Section Director or Section CVPA to have the volunteer transferred to your Region.

Has your Region tried to assign a volunteer a position or access rights and found that they are restricted by Safe Haven for that position? Find out how to resolve this issue:

There are two methods for assigning volunteers to positions. For the seven required Regional Board positions, the RC must use the Region>Admin>Regional Board function in eAYSO to add/assign/deactivate volunteers from the Region's board. Here are the step by step instructions.

For all the other volunteers, the correct way to assign someone to a Regional position is using the Region>Volunteer>Manage Positions function in eAYSO. Using this function, all registered volunteers are listed and drop-down lists allow you to select their assigned position.

If the position does not appear in the drop-down for the volunteer, it means they have been restricted from that role or disqualified from holding that position based on Safe Haven policies.

To verify volunteer restrictions, use the CVPA search function and check the comments section. The comments will tell you if a volunteer is red flagged or disqualified from volunteering, i.e., "Restricted from coaching/assistant coaching", or "Restricted from Regional Board positions responsible for managing Region funds or personal identification information."

Sometimes, Regions mistakenly use the "Set Roles" function in the CVPA comments section to "assign" a role. This actually restricts the volunteer from the assigned role and prevents them from gaining their access rights.

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