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Document Retention Schedule

For Region Copies of Volunteer Applications

In 2009, the AYSO Document Retention Policy was revised. Included among the revisions was a change to the length of time that Regions are expected to maintain their copies of Volunteer Applications. As a reminder, the existing policy was:

At the end of the season the CVPA shall box and safely store all volunteer forms in a secure location for a period of seven years unless otherwise directed by the Safe Haven Department. Application forms should be shredded and disposed of after this time.

Beginning with the 2010-2011 playing year, the policy is revised as follows:

During the playing year, each time that a batch of volunteer forms is received by the Safe Haven Department a confirming e- mail will be sent to the CVPA. These confirming e- mails should be saved. At the end of the pla ying year, if all original Volunteer Applications have been mailed to the Safe Haven Department, the CVPA shall safely dispose of the Region's copies of those forms for that year. Disposal shall be by shredding or incinerating; Volunteer Applications should not be disposed of in the regular trash.

With regard to forms for the past seven years, however, the Region must continue to maintain them in a safe manner for the full seven years. To assist you in determining when it is appropriate to dispose of Region copies of forms, please refer to the following schedule:

Playing Year Disposal O.K.
2010-2011 July 1, 2011
(if all originals have been mailed to the NSTC)
2009-2010 July 2017
2008-2009 July 2016
2007-2008 July 2015
2006-2007 July 2014
2005-2006 July 2013
2004-2005 July 2012
2003-2004 July 2011
2002-2003 July 2010
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