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Ideas for Your "Bring A Friend" Campaign
With the FIFA Women’s World Cup just a few months away, families and young girls have SOCCER on their minds! The Bring A Friend Campaign is a great promotion to take advantage of the World Cup soccer craze...
AYSO Launching Google AdWords Campaign for Your Region
AYSO Marketing has been awarded a grant from Google to launch a nationwide Google AdWords campaign that will build AYSO’s presence on the web, help parents find local Regions and improve traffic to your Region’s website.
Just Released! New Marketing Tools for Your Region
Get in the Game! is a new collection of handy tools and templates to make your Region’s 2015 registration campaign the most successful ever. The collection includes email, ads, flyers, postcards and much more. They are all available in the fully revamped AYSO Marketing Toolkit.
Best Marketing Strategy for Your Region
A recent report by MarketingProfs has found that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing for a small business. When asked what form of marketing worked best for them, small businesses reported that...
Important Information for Hosting a Tournament
AYSO Tournaments are a great opportunity to provide More Soccer for More Kids™ in every AYSO Region. They also provide families the exciting opportunity to experience playing soccer in communities throughout the U.S.
Supply Center Has You Covered!
The AYSO Supply Center is the training and administrative center for AYSO and its volunteers. Our job is to provide your Region with outstanding products and customer service.
What Kids Hate About Soccer
With your seasons set to start, it’s important to understand what motivates families to keep coming back to AYSO and what drives them away. According to the Wall Street Journal, what kids hate most about soccer is...
4 Budget Friendly Ways to Make Your Registration Event a Success
With fall registration just around the corner, there’s no better time to start planning and budgeting for your registration events. Securing your venues, getting advertising and booking special guests like DJs and players can make for a great registration event, but they can also be expensive. Keep the following four tips things in mind to lower costs without sacrificing the quality of your next registration event.
mark stewart, national presidentPresident’s Circle to Honor Region Growth
For the fourth year, the President’s Circle will recognize and salute AYSO Regions that have not only met, but exceeded the AYSO commitment of Bringing More Soccer to More Kids™.
AYSO LogoUpdated eAYSO Call Center Hours
Starting Saturday, Mar. 7, the eAYSO Call Center will begin its 2015 registration extended hour schedule; the extended coverage will be available until Aug. 29 (unless otherwise noted).
Facebook/Twitter punchLearn How Social Media Can Increase Registration
If your Region is interested in using Facebook and/or Twitter to help growth, we are hosting a "Social Media 101" webinar this Thursday, Feb. 19 at 5:00 p.m., PST.
Region Helps Homeless Fire Victims Get Back on Track
Last season an apartment complex in Knoxville, Tenn. caught fire, destroying the building and leaving many families homeless. Shortly after the disaster, Coach Nick and Coach Aaron from Region 124 in Knoxville, Tenn. realized that one of the families affected was one of their players.
kid photoLast Chance for an AYSO Playership Grant!
Does your Region need extra money for scholarships? AYSO awards Playership grants so you could help families in need with the cost of registration. Fill out the Hugo Bustamante Playership Grants application to be considered!
AYSO Cares badgeTwo Regions Added to AYSO Cares
AYSO Cares™ honors AYSO Regions who make a positive impact in their communities.
Volunteer Recruitment with Online Registration
In-person registration events are the ideal way to recruit volunteers, although you may be considering a move toward online registration to meet the demand of busy families in your Region. When face-to-face registration is not possible, here are four alternate ways to recruit volunteers when considering a move to online registration.
AYSO Partners with Parenting Special Needs Magazine
AYSO is partnering with Parenting Special Needs Magazine on a national survey to gather information that will help improve AYSO’s VIP Program for children and adults with disabilities.
9 Fun Ways To Improve Registration
With season just around the corner, there isn’t a better time to start thinking of ways to improve registration. Here are nine fun ways to improve your Region’s registration event and get higher registration numbers.
Regional Commissioners Learn Best Practices at National Training
This past weekend, AYSO offered its 20th Regional Commissioner (RC) Training. This unique weekend-long session helps RCs gain valuable knowledge that they can take back to their Region. About 500 Regional Commissioners nationwide have graduated from the program.
4 Tips for Recruiting Volunteers
Online registration is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way for players and volunteers to sign-up with AYSO. For Regions that are considering or have already moved away from registration events, one important issue to address is how you can keep or increase volunteer registration.
Before The Start of the New Season, Get Credit for Dropped Players!
Make sure your Region receives the player fee credit for players that have never played or practiced. Do not drop players that have played or practiced in MY2014. If this happens, re-register the player so that their insurance is not canceled.
Coding Adjustments
If you find you have coded a check wrong and want to change your NAP code, simply email your NAP Representative to have that moved.
Stay off the Top 5 AR Report
This is a Top 5 that you don’t want to be a part of!
RC Training Recap
This past weekend, AYSO offered its 20th Regional Commissioner (RC) Training. This unique weekend-long session helps RCs gain valuable knowledge that they can take back to their Region. About 500 Regional Commissioners nationwide have graduated from the program.
Last weekend, AYSO kicked off the first EXPO of the year in Phoenix, Ariz. The weekend was filled with workshops, goodies from AYSO National Sponsors, networking and recognition of top volunteers for their hard work.
It's NAGM Time Once Again!
This year’s AYSO National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) will be held on May 22-24 at the award-winning JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Ariz.
Apply For a Grant from U.S. Soccer Foundation
Does your Region have a field that’s in need of a makeover? Do you have too many teams and not enough practice space?
AYSO Educates NSCAA Coaches at Annual Convention
AYSO joined 4,000 soccer coaches and 10,000 attendees at the annual National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Convention Jan. 14-18 in Philadelphia, Pa.
NAGM Deadlines Approaching
Though the deadline to submit an NAGM nomination to the Nominating Commission has passed, you can still be nominated by submitting a Nomination Petition with six signatures of current Executive Members.
Send eAYSO Call Center Your Registration Dates
The eAYSO Call Center is finalizing the extended hours calendar to prepare for the upcoming registration season and they need your help!
Logo Vs. Brand
Editor’s Note: Marketing guru Seth Godin talks about the importance of creating a positive brand.
AYSO Will Attend the NSCAA Convention
AYSO will join 4000 soccer coaches and 10,000 attendees at the annual National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Convention Jan. 14-18 in Philadelphia, PA.
AYSO’s VIP (Very Important Player) Program is designed for adults and children with disabilities to have a great time on and off the soccer field.
New For AYSO EXPO 2015
New to the 2015 AYSO EXPOs is a two-part workshop titled RC Training: Continuing Education. This session is open to all, regardless of whether they have attended Regional Commissioner Training, but is specifically designed to help RCs and their boards develop effective strategies to increase their local community clout.
3 Ways an Area Registration Event Can Benefit Your Region
With the end of your Region's fall season, it’s a great time to start brainstorming next season’s registration activities. Consider new ways to increase interest in AYSO in your community.
Important EXPO Instructor Information
In an effort to be more eco-friendly at the 2015 AYSO EXPO events, onsite folders with printed documents are being discontinued. Workshop leaders must come prepared by viewing or downloading the Lesson Plans and PowerPoints found on the EXPO website.
How to Submit Nominations for AYSO's NAGM 2015
In preparation for the upcoming National Annual General Meeting (NAGM), Executive Members are invited to submit nominations for the National Board of Directors (NBOD) and National President for consideration at the NAGM in Phoenix Ariz., on May 22-24 in 2015. Click here for the deadlines to nominate or petition.
RC Training New Dates and a Special Location!
Learn how to make your job as a Regional Commissioner (RC) easier, more effective and more rewarding during the next Regional Commissioner Training at the AYSO National Office in Torrance, Calif., Jan. 23-25, 2015.
Exciting Soccer Coming Your Way
December has been an exciting month to be an American soccer fan. AYSO alum Landon Donovan ended his career on top by leading the LA Galaxy to a 2-1 victory against the New England Revolution in the MLS Cup.
Use Amazon Smile to Fund Scholarships
Everybody shops on Amazon, so why not use Amazon Smile and donate to the Hugo Bustamante AYSO Playership Fund? Amazon Smile lets you enjoy all of Amazon products with a portion of the purchase going back to the charity of your choice.
Secure and Turn In Forms ASAP
Make sure that your Region turns in any Incident or hand-signed Volunteer or Player Registration forms to the Safe Haven Dept. You can download the Player Control form here and send it in with your registration forms.
Nominations for AYSO’s NAGM 2015 Info
Preliminary Information and Deadlines for the 2015 NAGM and Availability of Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2014
3 Smart Tips For a Great Region Newsletter
With the end of your Region’s fall season, there isn’t a better time to start a Region email newsletter. It’s an effective, low cost way to keep in touch with your families and volunteers during the winter (or even longer) break…and then remind them about next season’s registration, early bird specials and more.
FOX Sports, AYSO, FOX Soccer, FOXThank You Project Video to Air on FOX Sports 1
FOX Sports 1 - the presenting sponsor of AYSO's 50th Anniversary – has unveiled a new AYSO Thank You Project TV commercial featuring AYSO players, parents and volunteers thanking those who have made a difference in their AYSO experience and their lives. It will air on FOX Sports 1 through the end of the year.
Giving TuesdayAYSO Raises $33,629 on #GivingTuesday
Seven articles, 46 social media posts and 24 hours of #GivingTuesday resulted in $33,629 raised to ensure every child gets the chance to play AYSO soccer. The donations received this #GivingTuesday will help ensure that any child can play AYSO soccer.
FOX TY VideoFOX Sports 1 Unveils AYSO Thank You Project Commercial
FOX Sports 1 - the presenting sponsor of AYSO's 50th Anniversary – is debuting a new AYSO Thank You Project commercial, featuring AYSO families thanking those who make a difference in their AYSO experience.
jeffAYSO's Found the Next Great Grilled Cheese
It's official! The Grand Prize Winner of AYSO's Kerrygold Grilled Cheese Recipe contest is Jeff from Region 85 in Silverado, Calif.
RC Training Hosts Largest Class Yet
This past weekend, AYSO had its largest RC Training class yet with 39 people. This unique weekend-long training helps Regional Commissioners (RCs) gain helpful knowledge that they can take back to their Region.
Donate to AYSO this #GivingTuesday
Join us this #GivingTuesday and help ensure every kid has the opportunity to play AYSO soccer. You can do this by scheduling your donation today or making a donation anytime on Dec. 2.
AYSO EXPO 2015Registration Now Open for AYSO EXPO 2015
Early bird registration and discounted hotel reservations are now available for all AYSO EXPO venues! Sign up for your local AYSO EXPO today. There will be 11 separate EXPO events across the U.S.
AYSO EXPO 2015 Registration Update
This year we want as many volunteers as possible to benefit from the unique training and networking opportunities that are available at the AYSO EXPOs.
EXPO15 Registration Will Be Available Nov. 1
This Saturday, Nov. 1 registration for all 2015 EXPOs will open. To register, simply login to eAYSO and click on Sign Up and then AYSO EXPO. You can also download the EXPO registration form from the EXPO website and send it to the Events Department with your payment to register.
Don’t Forget to Start on Your RAP or AAP
Now is the time to start your Regional and Area Assessments for the 2014 Membership Year (which concluded June 30, 2015). The form isn’t due until the summer of 2015, but it’s important to start working on it while your accomplishments are fresh.
Have You Joined in the Thank You Project Yet?
We are a few weeks into the AYSO Thank You Project and we have already received dozens of heartfelt messages and posts thanking those volunteers in AYSO who have made an incredible difference in their experience.
10 Ways to be a Kids Zone® Region This Season
Kids Zone® is an AYSO program that encourages fans on the sidelines, and everyone near the vicinity, to use positive language, show sportsmanship in their attitude and behavior and create a great experience for every player. It’s a reminder that the soccer fields are the kids’ zone – a friendly, happy, wholesome place for children to play and learn soccer.
2015 AYSO EXPOS are 'The Start of Something Special'
It’s time to mark your calendars and save the date for the AYSO EXPO in your Section. This year there will be 11 AYSO EXPOs (formerly called Section Meetings) across the nation.
AYSO National Games 2014 Helps VIP Program Grow
The AYSO National Games are famous for creating friendships, but the 2014 Games helped form a bond that provided new ideas on creating more playing opportunities for players in the VIP (Very Important Player) program.
Three Tips for a Successful Silent Saturday
Parents are excited to watch their kids play soccer (can you blame them?) But they can also take it a step too far.
2015 AYSO EXPOs are The Start of Something Special
It’s The Start of Something Special as the 2015 AYSO EXPOs roll out starting in January. See the theme video for 2015 here [embed video link] And it’s time to mark your calendars for the EXPO in your Section. This year there will be 10 AYSO EXPOs (formerly called Section Meetings) across the nation. They will focus on management, coach and referee education, networking and just a lot of fun.
Join in the AYSO Thank You Project Today
Today marks the first day of the AYSO Thank You Project. This landmark campaign gives AYSO families, volunteers, alumni and fans everywhere the chance to say “thanks!” via social media to that special AYSO coach, important referee, committed RC or just that unique AYSO mom or dad who helped them be who they are today.
Make Sure to Renew Your Volunteer Application in eAYSO
The AYSO membership year began on Aug. 1, 2014. The obligation of every AYSO volunteer is to complete, sign and submit a Volunteer Application every membership year.
7 Tips To Ensure Safety in Hot Weather
With high heat warnings in many parts of the country right now, or whenever temperature and humidity levels rise above normal, it’s important to ensure that everyone is safe when playing soccer.
ian mcmahonAYSO Hires New National Executive Director
National President Mark Stewart has announced Ian McMahon as AYSO’s new National Executive Director. Most recently, Ian served as CEO of Hong Kong Sevens/Hong Kong Rugby Football Union (HKRFU), the National Governing Body of Hong Kong rugby. The Hong Kong Sevens is the largest tournament of its kind in the world. Prior to embracing the challenge of working in rugby, Ian spent more than 20 years as a successful CEO, president and general manager of various soccer organizations in Europe and the U.S., each of which he led to record growth.
Your Region Can Win a FREE Clinic With Soccer Star Omar Gonzalez
AYSO is excited to introduce Fit From The Sidelines, a new fitness program for AYSO moms and dads presented by Herbalife. It’s designed to help AYSO parents add a little extra physical activity for themselves every week to become fitness role models for their children.
eAYSO Email Campaign Enhancement Options
If you use eAYSO as your primary email service to communicate with your families, you may notice that the header now shows the sender as Before this change, personal email addresses were in the header.
#WearYourAYSO on Sept. 15 – Win Prizes!
AYSO’s 50th Anniversary year has been amazing! We’ve all kept ourselves busy with a float in the Rose Parade®, #SoccerFEST14, a 50th Anniversary Gala at the NAGM, a new media partnership FOX Sports 1, a huge National Games, celebrations at Regions across the U.S. and the list goes on. But as we looked at AYSO’s accomplishments for the year, we noticed a missing piece: an Official Birthday Celebration!
Official Statement from AYSO
AYSO's highest priority is creating a safe and nurturing environment where kids can play and have fun. AYSO has not been served with any pending lawsuit and therefore we are unable to comment upon its contents. That said, we take seriously the issue of concussion awareness and are proud to have played a leading role in developing policies and programs to address this area of concern since 2009.
4 Ways to Keep Parents Happy and Reduce Your Stress This Fall
As soccer season approaches, everyone in your Region is getting busier and taking on more responsibilities to ensure a great start to the fall.
eAYSO Access Rights Update – Phase 2
It has been quite a journey with eAYSO and Access Rights since we first started making changes in early March. Since then we have aligned the permissions available within eAYSO to match the position you assigned to each of your volunteer Board Members. Additionally, we made sure that volunteer status and position end dates worked as you would expect allowing you to trust that permissions were automatically removed after the dates you chose.
palm beachPalm Beach County Will Host National Games in 2016
With the excitement of AYSO National Games 2014 just ending last month, AYSO is pleased to announce that Palm Beach County, Fla. will be the destination for the next biennial National Games in 2016.
Michalski Sportsmanship Cup Winning Team Announced
Congratulations to Region 249 in San Bruno, Calif., for winning the Michalski Sportsmanship Cup at this past AYSO National Games. The girls U-19 team, San Bruno Force not only had a perfect score, along with several other teams, but also volunteered as field monitors between their games.
Two Regions Co-Winners in Share & Win Contest
AYSO is excited to announce that Region 1112 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Region 462 of Jurupa Valley, Calif. are the co-winners of the first Share & Win Contest. To reward the success of the hard work of both Regions, they will each receive a customized AYSO TV commercial and up to $5,000 in local airtime.
scoresportsAYSO, SCORE Renew Long-Standing Partnership
AYSO is proud to announce the continuation of a nearly four-decade partnership with SCORE as the Official Uniform & Apparel of AYSO. The landmark renewal celebrates 34 years, making it one of the longest serving sponsor relationships in American soccer.
Extended Play Task Force Becomes National Advisory Commission
The AYSO Extended Play Task Force, initially formed in 2007 to develop AYSO player programs that provide a more challenging soccer experience but also retain the spirit of AYSO, became the National Extended Play Advisory Commission (NEPAC) by a vote of the National Board of Directors (NBOD) at their August meeting. AYSO commissions serve in an advisory capacity to the NBOD.
Regions That Make a Difference
Next month we are launching our AYSO Cares channel on This section will be dedicated to Regions who go above and beyond to help out in their communities and make an impact in the lives of those around them.
50th Anniversary Microsite Revamped
The 50th Anniversary microsite has been reintroduced with easier functionality for Regions, Areas and Sections to take advantage of when preparing for Anniversary events and promotions.
New eAYSO Support Center Hours
The eAYSO Support Center has ended their extended summer hours.
How to Secure Certificates of Insurance
It's time to secure certificates of insurance and field permits for the upcoming season!
eAYSO Email Campaign Enhancement
To ensure all Region email blasts are delivered, eAYSO has made an enhancement that will make all future email blasts will use the sender address:
eAYSO Access Rights for the New Membership Year
The new AYSO Membership Year begins Friday, Aug. 1, 2014. This may impact the way your Region, Area or Section Board is listed in eAYSO.
RAPs Past Due
Regional Assessment Programs (RAPs) were due to your Area Directors on July 1, 2014.
Win Airtime on Local Television
We're giving away a custom TV commercial and up to $5,000 in free local airtime to an AYSO Region.
eSign for Players Coming August 1
eAYSO's eSign for player registration will be automatically activated for all Regions on Aug. 1, 2014.
BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse Connects with AYSO Communities
As the Official Dining Sponsor of AYSO, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse has been actively working to make a personal connection with local AYSO communities.
Win a Custom TV Commercial for Your Region
Your Region now has the opportunity to earn its own television commercial and free local airtime! Learn more.
VIP NGNational Games VIP Division a Success
AYSO’s VIP (Very Important Player) division also had a wonderful time at this year’s National Games.
National Games Video Recap
The excitement of the National Games has come and gone, but the memories will last a lifetime for anyone who had the chance to be there.
Road to the National Games
The AYSO National Games 2014 is right around the corner. With more than 7,000 players coming to Southern California this weekend, this will be one of the largest National Games in AYSO's history!
Insider Podcast: How to Turn New Parents into New Volunteers
Every season, there are a group of new parents signing up their kids for your Region. The question is, how do you turn these new parents into new volunteers?
How to Include the Alex Morgan Commercial on Your Region Website
Including the new FOX Sports AYSO commercial on your website is a great way to connect to the AYSO brand and to help drive registration.
AYSO's VIP Program Continues to Support Abilities Expo
AYSO's VIP Program is a proud sponsor of the Abilities Expo and will be joining the exhibitor group in expos around the country throughout 2014.
Welcome to AYSO Insider!
Welcome to AYSO Insider, formerly known as The Commish. Along with a new name, you'll notice a new look and feel, new features and fresh content. You can look forward to Insider Podcasts, exclusive videos and more.
Update: AYSO Uniform Requirements
Right now, uniforms are top of mind for a lot of AYSO Regions. Before you order, did you know that AYSO has mandatory uniform guidelines? These guidelines cover what can appear on the jersey and the shorts, and where.
AYSO Inducts Six New Members to the Hall of Fame
In this 50th Anniversary year, AYSO inducted six new members to the Hall of Fame: John Cooper, Steve Erdos, Bill Finkel, Harry Johnson, Deuk Perrin and Dick Robson.
Apply for the National Management Advisory Commission
The National Management Advisory Commission (NMAC) is seeking dedicated AYSO volunteers who have time to commit to the development of Management Program projects.
2014 Spirit and Enrichment Award Winners
At last month’s National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) five AYSO volunteers were honored for their extraordinary dedication to AYSO and their respective disciplines.
Regional Assessment Program Deadline
If you've started working on your Regional Assessment Program (RAP) or Area Assessment Program (AAP), you may have experienced some difficulties saving the fillable PDF to your computer. These issues have been resolved.
Meet Your New NBOD Members
This Sunday, AYSO Executive Members elected a new National President Mark Stewart, and three new members of the National Board of Directors (NBOD): Fred Freeman, Jeff McClure and Donna Nelson.
Vote for a New Name for The Commish!
The Commish is being revamped, and we want you to pick a new name!
President's Circle Honorees Announced
The President’s Circle recognizes and salutes those AYSO Regions that have not only met, but exceeded the AYSO commitment of bringing More Soccer to More Kids™.
AYSO 2014 National Budget Ready For Viewing
The AYSO fiscal year 2014 national budget is now available for review here. It will be presented to AYSO Executive Members during the National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) held May 23-25 in Anaheim, Calif.
Area 1C Hosts First-Annual VIP Camp
Area 1C in West San Gabriel Valley, Calif., offered their first annual VIP (Very Important Player) camp this spring.
Important NAGM Materials Now Available
Important materials for AYSO’s 2014 National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) are now available online. This year, the NAGM Candidates Booklet, the Amendments Booklet and the Annual Book of Reports will be available online only – paper copies will not be mailed.
Region 1174 Makes a Difference Internationally
AYSO Region 1174 in Hazel Green, Ala., is not only busy keeping up with their spring season, they’re also making a difference internationally to help girls play soccer.
Important eAYSO Access Rights Update
A month ago, I announced the formation of an eAYSO Access Rights Review Team that committed themselves to reviewing every feedback and suggestion submitted to the eAYSO Help Desk. I am happy to report that the first set of changes, based on your feedback, is ready to be implemented.
AYSO Regions are Amped Up for #SoccerFEST14!
The countdown is on! With only four days left, we wanted to highlight four Regions who are going the extra mile to make their #SoccerFEST14 events memorable.
NAGM Gala Guest Speakers Announced
AYSO is excited to share that AYSO’s 50th Anniversary Gala will feature two special guests: broadcaster Bob Eubanks and soccer star Cobi Jones have been announced as the Gala’s Honorary Co-Chairs.
FOX Sports, AYSO, FOX Soccer, FOXInside the New AYSO-FOX Sports Partnership
This week AYSO and FOX Sports announced a wide-ranging partnership, making FOX Sports and its family of networks a premier sponsor of AYSO and presenting partner of AYSO’s 50th Anniversary.
Ken Aston Cup Joins National Games 2014
The Ken Aston Cup is coming to the National Games 2014. This annual refereeing event allows referees from different AYSO Sections to engage in friendly competition with other referees.
RC Training Headed to Washington D.C
Learn how to make your job as a Regional Commissioner (RC) easier, more effective and more rewarding at an upcoming RC Training, being held at the American University in Washington, D.C., June 13-15, 2014.
Save the Date: AYSO's 50th Anniversary NAGM Gala
Join your fellow volunteers, AYSO families, National Staff, National Sponsors and alumni for a once-in-a-lifetime affair to celebrate AYSO's momentous 50th Anniversary!
RAP Form Now Available as Fill-In PDF
The Regional Assessment Program (RAP) form is now available in a fill-in PDF format. This will make filling out the form faster and more convenient for Region Boards.
Introducing AYSO's National System and Software Commission
These two teams were the eAYSO Commission and the IT Task Force. The National Board of Directors has combined these two teams into a single team named the AYSO National System and Software Commission (NSSC).
A 50th Anniversary Message from AYSO Marketing
Hi, I’m Lynn Berling-Manuel, your Chief Marketing Officer of AYSO. My job and my passion are to help our Regions tell the story of AYSO in their community.
Findings of The AYSO Leadership Study
The AYSO Leadership Study, a survey that has been in the works since last June, has been completed.
Ensure Your Vote will Count at the 2014 NAGM
Do not miss the chance to participate in AYSO governance at the National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) in Anaheim, Calif., on May 23-25, 2014. Regional Commissioners, Area Directors and Section Directors must have up-to-date terms to have voting rights at the NAGM.
Updated eAYSO Call Center Hours
Starting Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014, the eAYSO Call Center will start its 2014 registration extended hour schedule; the extended coverage will be available until Aug. 23, 2014 (unless otherwise noted).
Important Notice Regarding eAYSO Access Rights
Beginning Feb. 10, RCs and other volunteers began receiving communications in advance of the March 3 “go live” date for the eAYSO Access Rights Project. This enhancement will upgrade and change the way volunteers’ access rights in eAYSO are granted and removed.
AYSO Helps Children of Fallen Hotshot Firefighters
It was tragic national news: on June 30, the Granite Mountain Hotshot firefighting team from Prescott, Ariz., was battling the Yarnell Hill Fire, an Arizona wildfire that went from 200 to 2000 acres in hours. During the firefight, the wind abruptly changed direction, surrounding the team and killing 19 of the firefighters.
50th Anniversary Logo Frame Added to Region Toolkit
AYSO has added the 50th Anniversary logo frame to the Region Toolkit. To find the new frame, visit the Region Toolkit's Logo and Logo Laws section.
50th Anniversary Logo Unveiled on FOX Soccer
Yesterday was the official kickoff to our Anniversary Initiative, and it can be a great time for you and your Region to start preparing for 2014!
Using eSign at Registration Events
If your Region uses eSign and holds in-person registration events, keep in mind that eSign does not mean paperless. It can be used to reduce paper, but its biggest benefit is in electronic storage, search and retrieval of signed forms.
Region Website Migration Recommendations
A few weeks ago, announced that all Clubspaces websites have a “dark date” of Sept. 3, 2013. If you have an existing account with Clubspaces, you will not be able to access your data after Sept. 3.
Alex Morgan for AYSO, Presented by Fox Sports

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