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10 Ways to be a Kids Zone® Region This Season

Kids Zone® is an AYSO program that encourages fans on the sidelines, and everyone near the vicinity, to use positive language, show sportsmanship in their attitude and behavior and create a great experience for every player. It’s a reminder that the soccer fields are the kids’ zone – a friendly, happy, wholesome place for children to play and learn soccer.

To promote Kids Zone in your Region put up signs at the fields reminding everyone that no matter how intense the game can be, kids need support from the sidelines. And then there’s the Kids Zone Pledge –encourage all parents and spectators to sign the pledge and agree to the following guidelines:

1.    Kids are No. 1.
2.    Have fun…winning is not everything.
3.    Fans only cheer, and only coaches coach.
4.    No yelling in anger.
5.    Respect the volunteer referees.
6.    No swearing or abusive behavior.
7.    No alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
8.    No weapons.
9.    Leave no trash behind.
10.  Set a proper example of sportsmanship.

When it comes down to it, Kids Zone is about supporting every child on the field and in your Region. It means supporting the players whether they win or lose. It means honoring the game – not the outcome.

To promote Kids Zone in your Region, you can purchase pins, signs and parent pledge forms from the AYSO Supply Center. If you have any questions about Kids Zone, contact us.

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