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3 Smart Tips For a Great Region Newsletter

With the end of your Region’s fall season, there isn’t a better time to start a Region email newsletter. It’s an effective, low cost way to keep in touch with your families and volunteers during the winter (or even longer) break…and then remind them about next season’s registration, early bird specials and more.

 Here are three smart tips that will help increase your open rate (that’s “tech talk” for how many people open up and read your newsletter) and make your Region’s newsletter a success:

1. Write a good subject line and carefully choose a sender – Make a good first impression with an attention grabbing subject line and recognizable sender. These are what make people want to open your newsletter.  What to include: “AYSO” and your Region number or name in the sender or subject line. Also consider having the sender be a person’s name and AYSO title (John Jones, AYSO Regional Commissioner.) What to leave out: Multiple exclamation points or question marks and anything all caps – these get the attention of the spam filters and may block your newsletter from ever reaching its destination.

2. Keep it simple – Region newsletters are used to remind parents, coaches, referees and others of important deadlines, things to remember and useful tips. Try to stay away from long articles. Keep things short and simple. If someone needs further explanation on a topic, include contact information in the article for follow-up questions.

3. Consistency is key – Set up a newsletter schedule and let readers know when they should be expecting it to arrive in their inboxes. Create a schedule based on what’s best for you or the designated newsletter editor – monthly is a good way to start. But some Regions have found a very short newsletter every week works well because people come to expect it.

To help tackle the work and ensure consistency, consider creating a board position solely for the newsletter. 

Some good, low cost newsletter providers include Constant Contact and MailChimp. They have easy templates and you don’t need to be technical at all.

 If you have any questions about newsletters, contact Summer Mollo.

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