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3 Ways to Get Free Advertising in Your Community

With limited marketing budgets and registration targets to meet, Regions must use every resource within their communities to drive registration numbers. Here are three ideas to get the most out of your community advertising efforts: 

1. Find out where you can post ads
Though some cities don’t allow you to put up posters in most places, many communities do allow it. Give your city council a call to get the low down on where you’re allowed to post AYSO ads without getting in trouble. Find areas with heavy pedestrian and car traffic. Most importantly, make sure you take them down when you’re done with them! 

2. Advertise through shop windows 
Many local shops will be more than happy to display your information on their windows if you ask them politely. Be especially aware of families in your community that own stores where you could put a poster or flyer up and always be respectful by collecting them on an agreed upon date. Don't forget libraries, office noticeboards, cafes or laundromats!

3. Bulletin boards
Most establishments like frozen yogurt shops, libraries, coffee shops, schools, etc. have indoor bulletin boards where you can post flyers, ads, business cards, etc. These locations are great because unlike posting on windows and city streets, bulletin board postings have the potential of getting someone’s full attention. 



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