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4 Ways to Keep Parents Happy and Reduce Your Stress This Fall

As soccer season approaches, everyone in your Region is getting busier and taking on more responsibilities to ensure a great start to the fall.  

Dozens of daily phone calls, emails and voicemails from parents asking what team their child is on or when the start of the season is, certainly can't help.

To alleviate pressure on everyone and reduce the amount of phone calls your Region receives, here are four helpful tips to keep your folks happy:

1.    Leave complete information on your voicemail message. Not everyone trusts emails when they are in a hurry—if they find a phone number to call, the message on the other end can allay a lot of concerns.

2.    If your Region doesn’t have an e-newsletter, this may be the time to start one. If your Region has a direct line of contact to your families, you can get information to them quicker and more efficiently. 

3.    Utilize your Division Coordinators! Disperse all of the calls that you are receiving by gender and birth range for each division and have the Division Coordinators return calls. 

4.    Next year during registration, let parents know when to expect to be contacted and give them a place to look for updates to that schedule (your Region website is likely the right resource).
If that date is beginning to approach and you are still short on coaches or volunteers, simply put the information on the website to keep everyone up-to-date.  

Do you have any questions or tips to share about this topic? Send us an email.

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