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5 Tips for your "Come Back to AYSO" Campaign

The “Come Back to AYSO” marketing campaign is a great way to reach out to families who were a part of AYSO but haven’t returned. They may have left for another soccer program, tried out a different sport or just missed registration. Keep in mind that just because a player left doesn’t mean they wouldn’t consider coming back! 

It’s always a good idea to reach out to past players and families and what better way to do it than with the “Come Back to AYSO” campaign from the Marketing Toolkit! Here you’ll find email blasts, full, half and quarter page flyers/ads and postcards to help you in your mission to get those players back. 

To get started with this awesome campaign, here are five tips to help you get creative: 

Make sure your Region website is current

Be sure registration information like dates, locations, ages and pricing is clearly stated and easy to find on your home page. It is also important that you include your website on every promotional material you send out. This will make it easier for players to register and reduce the calls for help to you! 

Email past customers

Just because a player has left AYSO doesn’t mean you should stop talking to them! This is a perfect opportunity to use the “Come Back to AYSO” email templates to get these families back in the AYSO family. Think of an intriguing subject line and give it a personal feel to increase the chances of them opening and engaging with the email. 

Send out "Come Back" postcards

Email may be a convenient, fast and cheap way to spread your message, but direct mail has clear advantages that make it worth a try. Postcards are harder to ignore, provide more space to tell your story and they’re far less likely to drown in a pile of other promotional messages. Try sending postcards to your mailing list of non-returning players over the last two years. For some Regions this could be a lot of postcards to send and prices do rack up. Check out Vistaprint to see if as a cheap option for getting postcards printed.  

Use school newspapers

Using school newspapers to spread the “Come Back” message is a great way to get in front of your target audience. Contact your local schools to get information about advertising or even better, work with them to have a piece written about your AYSO Region. 

Distribute fliers at local community sports venues 

Distribute fliers where these other sports play to target families that may be considering soccer again or are willing to put their kids in multiple sports to keep them in shape year round. Sometimes kids move on to try other sports, but they may have played AYSO and remember it fondly. Remind them of how fun it was! 

If you have any questions about the marketing toolkit, “Come Back to AYSO” campaign or need any help with your Region’s marketing, contact us here.


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