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A 50th Anniversary Message from AYSO Marketing

Hi, I’m Lynn Berling-Manuel, your Chief Marketing Officer of AYSO.  My job and my passion are to help our Regions tell the story of AYSO in their community.

I was sad to have a Regional Commissioner recently say to me “but 2014 isn’t my Region’s anniversary and so it doesn’t seem like we should make a big deal of it in our town.”

So let’s dish a bit about anniversaries...

When Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts celebrated their 100th anniversaries, did local troops that hadn’t been around for 100 years feel it didn’t belong to them?

No.  It belongs to all of them.

With Little League also celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2014, do their most recent members feel it doesn’t belong to them?

No. It belongs to all of them.

In the same way, AYSO’s 50th Anniversary in 2014 belongs to every Region, Area, Section, player, coach, referee, Board Member and AYSO alum!

AYSO is the first national American youth soccer organization to turn 50 years old. The mission of AYSO’s 50th Anniversary is to:

•    Celebrate our history
•    Honor our volunteers
•    Inspire our children

The AYSO 50th Anniversary belongs to you. If you’re passionate about AYSO and support the mission of the 50th anniversary, please bring the anniversary to life in your community. With all AYSO Regions joining together to celebrate this special milestone, we can make a noise that every club will hear!

There are small and large ways to make 50th Anniversary noise! Here are just a few easy ways to start the chorus:

1.    Have uniforms with the 50th Anniversary logo
2.    Include the 50th Anniversary logo on your website
3.    Plan for a #SoccerFEST14 event on May 3 to help AYSO set a world record
4.    Give your Region Board a gift of 50th Anniversary pins
5.    Present 50th Anniversary pins to your city council at an upcoming meeting (under Good of the City)
6.    Add the 50th Anniversary video to your Region website
7.    Add the AYSO Rose Parade® float video to your Region website

These tools and many more for celebrating the AYSO 50th Anniversary are on a special website just for Regions: Visit today. Let’s make some noise for AYSO!

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