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Be a Facilitator at the NAGM this Year!

The NAGM Caucuses allow RCs and ADs to identify, prioritize and address issues. After every caucus, recommendations are compiled to pass on to the National Office Staff and NBOD to assist in distributing the results to the membership through The Insider.

One of the key components to a successful caucus is the facilitators. The role of a facilitator is to support during discussions and to help ensure that everyone is able to participate in the discussion, to make sure an AD or RC's perspective on the topic isn’t belittled by the group, to encourage open discussion, to help maintain focus on the topic and to help encourage respect and order.

The responsibilities of a facilitator include pre-caucus work, which entails communicating with your co-facilitators, the AD and RC lead facilitators and the caucus chair by participating in conference calls and email discussions. You will need to be available to attend a facilitator training webinar prior to the start of NAGM. While at the NAGM, you'll be a caucus facilitator and with your co-facilitators you'll prepare a written report. 

We want to make sure we are selecting the best and giving the opportunity to apply to all those who have a desire and are qualified. The following criteria will be used in selecting caucus facilitators:

1. Must be a RC or AD at the time of the 2016 NAGM and be in attendance.            
2. Have a current Volunteer Application on eAYSO.
3. Have answered all questions on the application form satisfactorily. 
4. Be willing to participate in pre-caucus work. 
5. Have your Region or Area current and in good standing regarding its financial affairs. 

If you believe you are qualified and are interested, please take a moment to fill in the application by April 23, 2016. 



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