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Best Marketing Strategy for Your Region

A recent report by MarketingProfs has found that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing for a small business. When asked what form of marketing worked best for them, small businesses reported that customer referrals/word of mouth was number one (62%), followed by email marketing (34%), networking (25%) and social media (23%). 

AYSO Regions are a lot like small businesses and the marketing reach, limitations and strategies are much of the same. Though marketing budgets may not be as big as a large corporation, small businesses, like Regions, have the potential to have a bigger impact because of how close and personal they can get with their communities. 

According to Brad Fay, Chairman of the Board of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, “Small businesses [Regions] have a huge advantage over large companies in word-of-mouth marketing because the distance between company owner and customers is much closer.” For AYSO Regions, this makes it much easier to provide the personal attention, customized offers and get the important feedback to provide that exceptional experience and customer service that triggers a great word of mouth marketing campaign. 

There are many ways to market your Region, but there’s nothing as powerful as a strong word of mouth campaign. You can get the marketing ball rolling by using the AYSO Marketing Toolkit, but to get people talking, make sure parents, kids and volunteers have the best possible AYSO experience. You can do this by providing excellent customer service and a positive, fun and safe environment for everyone. 

When your customers and volunteers have a wonderful experience, they’ll share their stories with friends and family either in person, through social media or review sites where others may be more driven to join AYSO or pass the message along to others. 

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