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Ideas for Your "Bring A Friend" Campaign

With the FIFA Women's World Cup just weeks away, families and young girls have SOCCER on their mind! Access the Bring A Friend Campaign here to learn about this great promotion for your Region and to capitalize on the World Cup soccer craze.

The Bring A Friend Campaign also takes advantage of FOX Sports’ registration TV commercials promoting AYSO sign-ups in April, May and June. The entire Women’s World Cup tournament will be shown live on FOX Sports 1 and other FOX Sports channels.

Often the youngest players want to play AYSO, but don’t want to do it without their best friend. Take this opportunity to promote participation in AYSO’s Bring A Friend program. This program is designed for the youngest age groups (when team balancing is not a significant factor) and lets kids join and play on the same team as their friend for the first AYSO season!

To access this campaign, simply go to the Marketing Toolkit and click on the “Register Now” picture. From this page, click on the “2015 Bring A Friend” button.

Here you will have everything you need to get started. There are templates for your email marketing efforts; flyers; full, half and quarter page ads for newspapers and postcards. Simply hover over the thumbnail images of each to preview the new Get In The Game! Bring a Friend collection of AYSO Region registration marketing tools for 2015 as well as classic favorites featuring soccer greats Alex Morgan and Landon Donovan.

There are many ways to get creative in making this program a success for your Region. Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. Start with last year's U-5 and U-6 families. Particularly for young children, bringing a friend can make it more fun.
  2. Include Bring A Friend info on your website. Include rules, age limits, registration info and any other info on the homepage and make sure your Region website address is on everything you put out!
  3. A "parent" gift! An AYSO insulated coffee mug when you sign up a child and his/her best friend. Always note "Supply limited" in case you run out.
  4. Offer a "two-fer" promotional gift. An AYSO water bottle or T-shirt for both children can boost response! They're low cost and promote your Region on and off the field.
  5. Get out flyers where young moms spend time. Drop off Bring A Friend flyers at day care centers, the community library, Starbucks, gyms and grocery stores.
  6. Two-fer pricing. Consider offering a discount for both children when they sign up together.
  7. Send several notification to last year's U-5 and U-6 parents. Parents said "I didn't know when registration was" as one of the largest reasons they didn't return, so make sure they’re in the know!  
  8. Use postcards. Consider multiple mailings to last year's U-5 and U-6 parents using different "Best Friend" postcards from the Marketing Toolkit.
  9. Advertise! In local parent publications, community newspapers, local shoppers and other low-cost local media. Parents read these! 
  10. Have an Express Kid’s line. Have a special Express line for kids and their best friend when registering together. Make them feel valued!

Give the Bring A Friend Campaign in your Region. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, send us an email here


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