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Important Notice Regarding eAYSO Access Rights

Beginning Feb. 10, RCs and other volunteers began receiving communications in advance of the March 3 “go live” date for the eAYSO Access Rights Project. This enhancement will upgrade and change the way volunteers’ access rights in eAYSO are granted and removed.

Every effort is being made to ensure a graceful transition during the debut of this enhancement on March 3. Please keep in mind that a major reason for this effort is to protect privacy by removing eAYSO Access Rights from volunteers who no longer require it, while maintaining only necessary access for volunteers who do require it.

We want to work with you to make this transition as smooth as possible. After March 3, if you find that you or other volunteers on your Board no longer have access to the functionality you believe is needed, then we want to know about it. Please email to inform us of any access needed that may no longer be available. We have additional resources dedicated to monitoring the emails on this topic and will do everything possible to take your feedback and suggestions into the planning for this project.

“Access rights” refers to the privileges a volunteer has when he/she logs into eAYSO to see and/or modify data. Those rights may differ depending on the position(s) the individual holds. The Access Rights Project was initiated by the National Board of Directors to enhance the security of AYSO players’ and volunteers’ private data – including your information -- by updating all eAYSO access rights so that each volunteer is granted only those rights that are appropriate for the volunteer position(s) the volunteer currently holds. Up to now, the process for granting and removing these privileges has been cumbersome, which led to lapses in removing access rights from an individual who no longer required them. The Access Rights Project will streamline the process, and be easier for Executive Members to manage and keep current.

Rather than the old two-step process of (1) adding a volunteer to the Regional Board and then (2) assigning individual access rights to them; the new process will collapse these two activities into a single transaction. Under the new process, when the RC adds a volunteer to the Regional Board, the system will automatically assign the volunteer the proper set of access rights in eAYSO. When the volunteer’s term in that position ends, the eAYSO access rights for that position will automatically terminate without the need for the RC to log into eAYSO and remove them one by one. This represents a huge simplification in the process, and also enhances security by ensuring that volunteers have only the access rights in eAYSO they need for the position they hold.

You can find more information explaining the new process at

Please look for additional emails and information regarding webinars on the new Access Rights Project -- dates and times for these webinars will be sent to RCs and ADs within the next few weeks!

For questions and support, please email the eAYSO Help Desk at

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