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Important eAYSO Access Rights Update

By Jay Ballinger, NSSC Chair

A month ago, I announced the formation of an eAYSO Access Rights Review Team that committed themselves to reviewing every feedback and suggestion submitted to the eAYSO Help Desk. I am happy to report that the first set of changes, based on your feedback, is ready to be implemented.

The Review Team - consisting of Executive Members with help from the National Office - has identified updates and changes to over 100 access rights across more than 20 Regional Board positions. Nearly every Region volunteer position has updates identified which bring those positions more in line with how you describe they operate within your Regions.

For example, the access rights definition for the Regional Trusted Data Manager is very similar to the Regional Commissioner and Assistant Regional Commissioner. Similarly, the Regional Computer Data Entry position is now much better suited to help during registration events. The Regional Team Balance Coordinator has access to actually help balance the teams, and the Division Commissioners can better manage your defined age and gender divisions. More positions can now use the Email Campaign feature, and the ability to view and change sensitive player and volunteer data is reserved for Region Administrators and Assistant Administrators.

There will certainly be differences remaining between individual Regions and how they operate and delegate their duties. A tool is available for you here that will detail the access rights associated with each position to help craft your volunteer role assignment strategy. A related tool detailing the access right and then displaying the positions it applies to will be available as soon as possible. The combination of these tools will help you apply the appropriate roles to your volunteers without resorting to the over-granting of key access rights.

You will notice the access rights changes in eAYSO tomorrow, May 1. The changes will be automatically applied to eAYSO seamlessly and each volunteer position will inherit the new access rights definitions immediately. However, the Review Team is not done with its work. The team will apply the same level of review to the Area and Section volunteer positions, in addition to the National Commissions, Tasks Forces and Board of Director access rights.

We continue to invite your feedback and suggestions by sending emails to the eAYSO Help Desk at The review of access rights and volunteer positions will be an on-going task of the National Software & System Commission (NSSC) and does not end with this effort.

Thank you for all you do in providing our world-class program. And please let me know how the NSSC can help you be even more successful.

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