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Region Website Migration Recommendations

A few weeks ago, announced that all Clubspaces websites have a “dark date” of Sept. 3, 2013. If you have an existing account with Clubspaces, you will not be able to access your data after Sept. 3.
For those Regions, Areas and Sections who are currently using Clubspaces and are looking for an alternate website platform, here are a few options that other Webmasters and RCs are recommending:

Blue Sombrero
– It’s free to use and offers a variety of layouts that are easy to edit. Their websites include scheduling, reporting and the ability to redesign your site as often as you want. With Blue Sombrero, you will have to migrate your own content.

Active Youth Network (AYN) - Their websites are free, easy to edit and have many design templates to choose from. Built-in features include photo galleries, blogs and integrated advertising. AYN chooses family-friendly companies to advertise on their websites. By accepting their free website, you agree to have their advertising on your pages. You will have to migrate your own content to this site.
Google Sites - This platform is free and can be set up with a Google account. Sites can be set to private or public, depending on which settings you choose. For a simple layout, this can be an easy choice. You will also have to migrate your content to this platform.

Note: Blue Sombrero, Active Youth Network, Google Sites and other website platforms are not AYSO National Sponsors. The websites listed above have been recently recommended by other Regions because they have found them easy and free to use.


For more information, check out AYSO's Webmaster Info Spot

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