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Rules & Regs I. D. 3. & 4. Officiating


  1. Referees shall officiate in accordance with the AYSO Rules & Regulations (the rules of competition), the FIFA Laws of the Game and decisions of the IFAB.

  2. Referees shall officiate in a manner inducing clean competition and good sportsmanship, placing great emphasis on the welfare of the players.  If a player is injured, the referee, at his/her discretion, may stop play to ensure the welfare of the player even if the ball has not gone out of play.

  3. This rule intentionally left blank.

  4. This rule intentionally left blank.

  5. The Laws of the Game are intended to provide that games should be played with as little interference as possible, and in this view it is the duty of referees to penalize only deliberate breaches of the Law. Constant whistling for trifling and doubtful breaches produces bad feeling and loss of temper on the part of the players and spoils the pleasure of spectators.


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